Will Artificial Grass Reduce My Carbon Footprint?

Artificial Lawn maintenance costMost people think of greenery as being good for the environment, and it is true that plants and trees produce oxygen which is beneficial. Although it can be a difficult concept to consider, a regular lawn can also have a significantly negative impact on the environment. If you calculate the carbon footprint involved in the maintenance of a grass lawn you might be surprised by the amount of energy that is used.

One of the biggest energy drains created by grass arises from the mowing requirements. From as early as April through to the end of November lawns need to be cut. At the height of the growing season this will need to be done every few days. Whether you are using an electric or petrol mower, this task raises the carbon footprint of a lawn considerably. Well maintained lawns with a lush green appearance will require more frequent mowing as this kind of grass is more likely to grow faster. Unlike artificial grass an unfortunate fact of natural lawns is that the better the grass looks, the more work it requires.

Even with lawns that are well maintained there are a host of weeds which constantly try to establish themselves; daisies, plantain, ragweed and ground ivy are just a few of the challenges that you are forced to cope with on a regular lawn. In order to combat these you will need to use chemical weed-killer than contains noxious elements. Once this has been applied to a lawn it will inevitably filter down into the eco-system and increase the carbon footprint produced by the lawn.

During the hottest time of the year, if you are lucky enough to have avoided a hosepipe ban, natural grass will crave water, and lots of it. The use of a hosepipe, or sprinklers, may not require a power source, but it does represent an increase in the carbon footprint registered by the lawn. For a lawn that is truly environmentally friendly fake grass is the best solution.

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