Why artificial lawns are perfect for pets

artificial-grass-for-petsIf your dog frequently uses your garden to run around in, you may notice that there are patches where your grass has become discoloured, or worn away completely. Many pet owners now choose to install artificial lawns in their gardens, instead of natural grass grown from seed.

Fake grass is long-lasting and robust, ensuring that your dog can run around as much as it likes, without causing any damage to your lawn.

Some dog owners worry that their pet will not like artificial grass.  From experience, it is unlikely that your dog will even notice the difference.  It is actually softer and springier than the natural alternative, making it more fun for your dog to play on.

Another great advantage of installing a fake lawn, is that it is well-drained. There will be no patches of mud, even after the heaviest of downpours.  This means that you’ll spend less time mopping up your pet’s muddy paw prints!

There is also no need to mow your lawn either, which saves you from enduring a whole afternoon of your dog barking at the lawn mower and frustrating your neighbours.

Not only will you not need to cut grass, neither will you need to spray it with chemicals or pesticides.  This can often be harmful to animals. It is also much easier to pick up dog mess, it can be hygienically washed away for a safe, clean lawn. Dog and cat urine will just wash away too and will not discolour the grass.

Artificial lawns are cleaner, more durable and ultimately much safer for both your family and your pets to use.

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