Who uses artificial grass?


If you have young children, you’ll know that outdoor play can ruin natural lawns.  Artificial grass is a solution to patches underneath the swing-set, wear around the trampoline and mud under the goal posts.

Pet Owners

You may be tired of the devastating effect that your pets are having on your lawn.  Synthetic grass is soft, bouncy and safe for pets, plus any mess can be hygienically washed away.  No more dog runs, muddy footprints, brown spots or staining.

Those with Mobility Problems

Fake grass is convenient for those who aren’t physically able to tend to their lawn.  Many elderly people find mowing extremely tiresome and difficult.  Getting rid of natural grass means they can have a beautiful garden to relax in without any of the maintenance issues.

Second Home Owners

If you’re not onsite to mow and tend to the lawn at your second-home, your holidays may be spent gardening rather than relaxing.  You can solve this problem by installing an artificial lawn, and arrive to immaculate, lush green grass every time.

Business Travellers

If you have to travel regularly for work purposes, your lawn will get neglected.  A fake lawn is the perfect solution as it means you don’t need to worry about being away for long periods.  Nor do you have to set up complex timed sprinkler systems for watering.

The Environmentally Responsible

Lawn mowers and edge-trimmers guzzle electricity and 1 hour with a petrol lawnmower is the equivalent of a 100 mile car trip.  Reduce you carbon footprint by switching to artificial grass.  You can save water too – around 70% of household water consumption in the summer months is used on gardens.

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