The Wettest Year Ever – Artificial Grass and Drainage

artificial grass - the solution for waterlogged lawns

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2012 was the UK’s second wettest year since records began over a century ago.

It was actually England’s wettest but less rain in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland meant the UK average marginally missed top spot.

After a bright start to the year, the deluge began in April and never stopped.  Flooding caused chaos throughout the summer months.

As an artificial grass company – one of our main USPs is that a fake lawn can save you money on the cost of watering.

In the last 5 years, due to the UK’s changing weather patterns, this selling factor has become laughable.  Consumers are now more interested in drainage.

One thing your garden needs in a country with increasing rainfall and frequent floods, is adequate drainage. Did you know that artificial grass can be beneficial if you have drainage problems?

Fake lawns provide enhanced drainage; rain water will disappear faster, preventing waterlogging.  As standard, our artificial lawns are installed on top of a base of crushed hard-core.  The grass carpet has millions of tiny holes so water runs through freely.

If you have a problem with drainage whereby pools collect on parts of your lawn, we can even install a suitable solution when we excavate.

Artificial grass also means your garden will be free from mud.  You won’t get muddy foot prints on the kitchen tiles, or worse – your cream lounge carpet.  This means kids (and pets) can enjoy the garden this summer without the hassle, whether it’s been raining or not.


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