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The Solution for Small Outdoor Spaces

Friday, December 14th, 2012
Fake grass transforms small garden

Image Credit: Unreal Gardens

Courtyard gardens, backyards, sideyards, balconies and terraces are notoriously difficult to landscape.  There are many factors to consider when space is limited such as maintenance and storage.

You have to work extra hard to transform small spaces into attractive, functional seating or dining areas for outdoor living.

Artificial grass can be the perfect solution to many of the dilemmas faced when landscaping a small space.  Giving you the green oasis you want, with none of the associated issues.

Here’s a few examples:

1. You may really want to incorporate a grass area – but without room for a shed to store a lawn mower and other maintenance equipment it becomes completely impractical.
2. Perhaps you love the look and feel of grass but it’s impossible to plant natural turf in your concrete balcony or rooftop garden.
3. Natural turf needs sunlight – if you have a courtyard garden or a small side yard you may have to rule out grass because you cannot give it the sunshine it needs.
4. Hard landscaping can be pricey.  The cost of the materials and labour to create raised beds, platforms and features to add interest in a contemporary garden may force you to look for a cheaper alternative.

Artificial grass can be installed on any surface.  It’s maintenance free and will look neat, crisp and verdant all year round.  You can have your own luscious green paradise, no matter what space you have, or where you are -whether that’s a city rooftop, urban backyard or a courtyard in a small period property.  Add some exotic plants, a couple of sleek aluminium sun loungers and enjoy your newfound outdoor living space.

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