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Why waste 20 hours a year lawn mowing?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

If you mow your lawn for 1 hour per week from May-September, you waste 20 hours of free time a year.  Lawn maintenance is time consuming.  With an artificial lawn, you can forget about your grass for good, and give yourself back a hard-earned rest at the weekend.

The little and often rule is the key to good grass care – but who has the time?  Gardening experts recommend you should cut your grass at least once a week in Spring and Autumn, and twice weekly in the Summer months when it grows faster.  You cannot cheat and clip short because this weakens the blades so moss and weeds take over.  If you follow guidelines by the RHS, that’s actually 30 hours a year, assuming it takes you 1 hour to do the job.

Then there’s the edge trimming, weed removal, patch repair and feeding to keep it looking tip top.  As well as this, you’re spending money on electricity, water and fertilisers.  It’s no wonder so many Brits faking it these days.

Artificial lawns require very little maintenance – just a quick brush down once and a while to keep the fibres in good condition.  Installing one could give you an extra day of free time per year – maybe even 2 days.

Many people enjoy the fresh air and exercise they get from mowing the garden…but imagine how much more fun you could have instead – perhaps going for a walk in the park or kicking a ball around with the kids?  Don’t waste your precious spare time, call us on 01371 87 5901 for a free fake lawn quote.

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Unable to mow your lawn? Fed up of paying a gardener to keep your grass neat?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

artificial grass suppliersKeeping the garden looking good is a nightmare for those who have mobility problems.  If you’re not physically able to mow your lawn, you may have to pay a gardener to do for you.  This is very costly over time, especially for elderly people who are living on a pension, or those claiming benefits.

Other than that, you’re reliant on friends or relatives to give up their spare time.  And you probably feel bad for asking.  This means there are times when you have to put up with a jungle growing out the back, ruining the view from your conservatory.

Consider investing in a new artificial grass lawn.  It has many benefits.  Firstly, there’s no maintenance.  You get an immaculate lawn, without having to pay the local gardener, or bothering relatives to do it for you.  This won’t just save you money on mowing and trimming, but watering too. Your bills will be reduced and you’re helping to save water.

Since it’s advent in the 1960s fake grass has improved dramatically.  A fake lawn is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  Not only does it look real, it feels the same too. So, you can still take your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the garden.

If you’re in the Essex area, we can install your new lawn from just £45 per square meter.  This is a fully inclusive price for the grass itself, labour, tools, materials etc.  Give us call on 01371 875 901 for a free estimate.

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Famous Fake Grass

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Fake grass is in fashion, endorsed by many celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and David Basche.  Preferred by A-Listers for its pet and eco-friendly qualities, it’s used in many well-known locations around the World.  Here’s a few you may have heard of…

Houston Astrodome –Texas was dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World, opened in the 1960s as the World’s first indoor baseball stadium.  Enclosed natural grass withered away and they famously had to paint it green.  Next season saw the advent of astro-turf.

Coronation Street – The UK’s most famous street is not all cobbles – the Websters, the Platts and Anna Windass have fake grass lawns.  Producers now have one less thing to worry about.

Big Brother House – The contemporary BB garden is of course fake, watching the housemates’ mowing the lawn doesn’t make for great TV.

Playboy Mansion – Lawns surrounding the legendary grotto are more attractive and easier to maintain with artificial surfaces.

Disney World – and Disneyland have synthetic grass areas throughout their resorts.

Crufts – The World renowned dog show uses canine friendly fake turf on set.

Emirates Stadium – Home of Arsenal FC after their move from Highbury in July 2006.  A total of 7 Premiership clubs have fake grass pitches including Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and 2012 Champions Manchester City.

Regiment Way Roundabout – Warner’s Farm on the A130 Chelmsford.  Ok – you’ll only know of this one if you live in Essex.  The island enjoyed localised fame when it was transformed with a new artificial surface, installed by Leisure Tech.

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