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7 Fake Grass Interior Ideas

Saturday, January 5th, 2013
Fake grass lounge

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This lounge area looks so inviting with the fresh, fake grass carpet.  Natural bamboo furniture, crisp white cushions and potted plants enhance the look.





Indoor Park New York

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Indoor Park

The OpenHouse Gallery in Manhattan launched the world’s first indoor pop-up park last year.   The public space was enjoyed by thousands.





Fake grass indoors

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Chill Out

Create your very own meditation room – a space for relaxation and reflection.  The natural materials give the space an authentic feel, creating a haven at home.





Office with fake grass

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Contemporary Office

Artificial grass is a growing office interior trend.  It can breathe life into a stuffy office building and create the perfect environment for creativity.





Artficial grass lounge

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Hill Hut

This is an extension to a villa in Stockholm.  The artificial grass connects with the natural grass of the outdoor landscape.   The large windows make it seem as if it’s growing through the house.





Fake grass dining room

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Students at this cooking school in Lithuania sit down to tasting sessions in a dining room carpeted with synthetic turf.  They’re encouraged to walk barefoot across the soft grass.





Artificial grass football pitch bedroom

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Children’s Bedroom

Fake grass allows you to create imaginative children’s bedrooms and playrooms.  This fun football themed boy’s bedroom allows the lucky lad to sleep on the pitch.

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