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Pets Love Artificial Turf, as Proven by Sheriden Smith’s Dog Trish

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

artificial turf for petsAfter opening luxury doggie boutique BOW WOW in Covent Garden, actress Sheriden Smith decided to hit the shops with her pet Japanese Spitz, Trish.  An incident occurred while she was checking out this season’s shoes in Kurt Geiger.

The footwear store has a fake grass carpet in the entrance way.  Trish decided she needed to relieve herself.  Confused by the grass, she just went.  Sheridan was photographed cleaning up the mess by her manager and then posted the picture #Mortified.  Read the Tweet

Luckily, staff at KG saw the funny side, one employee tweeted that it was the highlight of her day.  LA singer/song writer Judith Owen also shared that her dog had done the same at a Disney Concert Hall Christmas Show.

Subsequently the story was picked up by Now Magazine – Smith ‘mortified’ after her dog poos on fake grass in luxury shoe shop

It just goes to show, dogs love artificial turf.  If your pets are making a mess of your lawn, fake grass is perfect for the back garden.  You can clean up any ‘presents,’ effectively and hygienically with soap and water.  Plus, it won’t stain or wear.

Dogs cannot tell the difference and it’s a growing trend amongst owners.  Jessica Alba famously installed an artificial turf doggie oasis in the grounds of her California home.

We’ve worked on projects for Crufts and The Underdog Show.  As well as installing lots of lawns for dog owners at private properties.  Get your free quote on 01371 87 5901.

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99 Page Guide for Sports Clubs Considering a 3G Pitch

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

The European Synthetic Turf Organisation’s (ESTO) 2012/13 report is useful reading for sports facilities considering a 3G pitch.  You can read detailed discussion and analysis of the 4 key benefits of artificial turf.

1. Increased use

Clubs can use fake grass around 300 days a year, compared with 30-70 days for natural turf.

2. Extra revenue

Case study describes how a Swiss 1st division club are generating revenue by letting the stadium for private and business events.

3. Cost saving

Maintenance savings can be as high as 50-60%.

4. Strategic benefits

Pitch can be used by more organisations like schools and other teams.  It becomes more embedded into the community.

The guide includes comprehensive case studies for different organisations and sports.

– The manager of semi-professional Sutton Coldfield Town FC says he’s found their new pitch much safer than natural grass.
– Woodley Sports FC explain that they’ve benefited considerably from the opportunities generated by their new pitch.
– Burnage RFC report that they’ve achieved 100% completion rate of fixtures, despite the North West weather.

Full results of an ESTO survey of 110 professional Dutch football coaches about playing surfaces are also contained.  61.7% agreed that synthetic pitches enabled the development of better technical skills.  When asked whether artificial turf improved acquisition of skill, 69.2% answered yes.  Reasons given – it’s always flat, players must think faster because the ball moves quicker, they can concentrate on the ball without other factors.

Read it here – It’s quite a big PDF document so will take about 30 seconds to download.

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Painting Grass Green Vs. Artificial Grass

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
Lawn spraying

Credit: Grass is Greener

In hot climes, it’s becoming quite common to paint your grass green?  Last year, two thirds of the United States was severely affected by the worst drought in decades.  This has led to a huge increase in the popularity of lawn spraying.

Grass is Greener Lawn Painting operates out of Staten Island, New York.  The company has been featured on CBS, CBC News and the Weather Channel.  Their contracting business is booming, alongside this they’ve opened an online store selling equipment, allowing customers to paint their own lawns.  Trees and shrubs can be sprayed too.

The new craze is rather like something out of Alice in Wonderland – painting the roses red.  While it may seem strange, the solution is deemed an environmentally friendly way to reduce maintenance.  The paint is organic, non-toxic and actually adds beneficial chemicals to the grass.  It’s waterproof, dries in 2-3 hours and will last up to 3 months.

LawnLift are producers of America’s best-selling grass paint.  They promise the best colour match to natural grass and also offer paints for black and brown bark and mulch.  Paint contains a naturally occurring ammonia additive to enhance growth.  In the winter months it acts as a protective barrier for increased growth come spring.

In the UK, Telford based firm Amenity sell turf colorants to restore sports turf.  Will home owners start to catch on too?  Paint is a short term solution, unlike artificial grass which will last up to 20 years.  While you may save water, you’ve still got to mow and re-spray.  Some pet suppliers sell lawn paint for home use to touch-up yellow spots but they’re not meant for large scale application.

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Artificial Hockey Pitches

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Hockey pitch in essexAfter our post on 3G (third generation) football pitches earlier this week, we thought we’d take a look at artificial hockey pitches.

Artificial turf has many advantages over natural grass in terms of performance and practicality for Hockey facilities.  3G surfaces offer enhanced speed, movement and ball predictability.  They are resistant to wear in all weathers, allowing for play all year round.  Pitches also require considerably less maintenance, saving facilities time, money and inconvenience.

While there are a multitude of benefits; it is crucial to get the right product.   For example, a water-based turf enables faster ball transfer than a traditional sand surface, making it the product of choice for league competitions.  The turf is also less abrasive; therefore reducing player injuries to skin.

When it comes to the installation, there are many things to consider; the drainage system, the need for irrigation, the type of base and sub-base.  Seeking advice from a qualified professional will ensure the success of your new pitch.

Leisure Tech Lawns have a wealth of experience in this area.  The picture (above) is a replica of the Olympic Hockey Stadium that we fitted in Loughton, Essex.  We also installed the water based Olympic Hockey Pitch in Lillyshall.

If you are a hockey club considering the installation of an artificial surface, here’s all the information you’ll need:

England Hockey – Guide to Pitch Surfaces

England Hockey – 3G Pitch Policy

International Hockey Federation – Pitch Surfaces Guide

FIH – Handbook of Performance Requirements for Synthetic Turf Hockey Pitches 2008

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us – email your questions to  or call us on 01371 87 5901.

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