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4 Ways to Transform your Life with Fake Grass

Friday, March 28th, 2014

garden with fake grass1. Install a golf putting green

According to expert sociologist Malcolm Gladwell it takes 10,000 hours to be a success. In his book The Story of Success, he uses sports stars to back up his theory that practice makes perfect, including Tiger Woods who has been devoted to golf since age 4. Put the hours in on your very own back garden golf green…and be the best.

2. Landscape your concrete courtyard

Turn your small yard from an uninspiring concrete block, into an attractive outdoor room you can use to relax, dine and entertain. Artificial grass carpet can be laid straight on top of concrete. Decorate the walls with some pretty trellis and hanging baskets. Add some outdoor furniture and you’ll have a brand new space in your home to enjoy.

3. Give them a football garden

If you’re a football fan, or have a footie mad family, installing your very own practice area could give you hours and hours of enjoyment. If your garden is already used for play, fake grass will save you an awful lot of hassle too – you can keep a pristine lawn, with no mud and no mess.

4. Say no mow!

Imagine the benefits of a completely maintenance free garden. Artificial grass can give you back precious time at the weekends. You can forget about your grass, throw out your old mower, and you’ll never have to see another weed again. Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbours; advances in technology mean fake turf is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.



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Why have I got a moss lawn instead of grass?

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Moss is a non-flowering sponge-like plant that spreads like wild-fire in the right environment.  In the UK, rainy weather in our sheltered back-gardens makes it a common problem.   If you’ve more moss than grass, here are a few helpful hints.

Cutting too short

Mowing your lawn any shorter than 2.5cm (1in) can cause moss.  Cutting too short weakens the grass, allowing moss to spread easily.  You should keep grass blades longer, yet mow more regularly because it encourages the spread of grass plants.


Moss thrives in damp conditions.  The plant must have a damp environment to grow because it has it has no water-proofing systems to prevent its tissue water evaporating.  It also needs surrounding water to reproduce.  Try spiking to improve drainage.

Shady areas

If you have shaded or sheltered areas that get little or no sun or wind to dry out the lawn, you’ll get problems.  Try to cut back shrubs, hedges and trees to reduce shade.

Low nutrient level

If your grass is unhealthy due to poor soil conditions, moss can take over.  Treat your lawn, preferably with a product that contains moss killer.

Ever thought about faking it?

To maintain a neat, tidy, moss-free lawn takes a lot of work.  If you have a North facing garden or very poor drainage, you may be fighting a losing battle.  Have you ever considered artificial grass?  You can finally have a beautiful lush green lawn, with no weeds, moss or patching.  And there’s virtually no maintenance.

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Are you fed up with your front garden?

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

front garden artificial grass install essexFront gardens are seldom used – they’re purely for aesthetics, to make a property’s exterior look more attractive and appealing.  We Brits like our privacy, spending our Saturday afternoons relaxing round the back, away from prying eyes.  With such busy lives, it’s no wonder that many of us begrudge time-consuming maintenance at the front.

Front gardens tend to be smaller, because space at the rear is much more desirable.  No matter how big your lawn, it requires all the same maintenance – mowing, edging, weeding, fertilising.  And for such a small surface area, you probably question whether it’s worth it.

Ever threatened to gravel it over?  You won’t be the first.  In fact, according to the RHS, 23 per cent of front gardens in the South east are paved (over three quarters of surface area).  In the north east, this figure jumps to 47%.  But, hard landscaping is expensive and it’s not the same as looking at a lovely green lawn.   That’s where artificial grass comes in.

There’s no need to give up your grass.  Nor do you need to opt for a depressing gravel solution that will diminish the visual appeal of your home.  Artificial grass is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and gives you a beautiful, lush green lawn without the maintenance.  You can forget about the front, it won’t take up any more of your time – enjoy a gorgeous garden that looks just like the real thing.

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Hard landscaping vs. Artificial Grass

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Artificial Lawn in EssexAre you looking to re-design your garden to lessen the amount of maintenance required?  If so, you’re probably carefully considering whether to go for paving, gravel, decking or one of many other hard landscaping solutions.  But have you considered the benefits of artificial grass?  Here’s a quick comparison:


While a contemporary paved space may be what you originally had in mind for your garden – will it really be the same without grass?  Why choose concrete when you can have a lush, evergreen lawn?


Fake grass is almost maintenance free – no mowing, edge-trimming, weeding, watering or feeding.  All that’s required is regular brushing, you can also hoover and hose down if required, making it much the same as paving.


This is difficult to compare because it depends on the type of design you’re looking at – block paving, multiple decked areas, or decorative gravel.  To give you an idea LeisureTech Lawns offer an inclusive price for the grass, labour, and materials of £45 per square metre.


Synthetic grass installations are fairly simple and relatively quick – much more straightforward than many types of hard landscaping.


Concrete is cold and hard.  It doesn’t feel good under foot, and you cannot lie out on it on a sunny day.  Good quality artificial grass is soft, bouncy and feels just like the real thing.  It’s great for children and pets allowing you to enjoy your garden more.

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How to use Artificial Grass to Market your Business

Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Artificial Grass Carpet

Art Gallery Artificial Grass Carpet

This week the Sidmouth Herald reported that a multi award-winning garden centre have covered their delivery truck in artificial grass.  Something that started out as a staff joke has become seriously good for business.  The grass truck is turning heads wherever it goes and generating lots of attention for the company.  It’s even creating a buzz online; when images of the vehicle’s make-over were first published on Facebook 70 people liked the posts.  You cannot beat publicity like this.

In previous entries, we’ve shown you how artificial grass can be used for window displays and promotional events.   But this clever marketing strategy has got the whole town talking, as well as the local newspapers.  See the artificial grass covered van

Here are some other fun fake grass ideas for businesses:

Store carpeting – it’s hard wearing, attractive and will certainly attract attention.  Perfect if you sell outdoor related clothing, equipment or leisure products.

Seating areas – creating an indoor garden themed seating area at your office or showroom.  Works great as a waiting area, place to sit and chat to clients, or a less formal space to hold meetings.

Grass wall – use as a design feature to add interest to an uninspiring white-walled space, just as designers of the Googleplex did in the company staff room.

Putting green – have a leisure or hospitality business?  Put in an artificial grass putting area for golfers, indoors or out.


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Artificial Grass through the Ages

Friday, November 8th, 2013

1960  – Artificial grass was invented by David Chaney of the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

1964 – The first installation of fake grass was carried out at a school in Providence Rhode Island.

1966 –  Chemgrass was famously installed at the enclosed Astrodome Stadium in Houston, Texas.  From then on, it would be known as ‘Astro’ turf.

1967 – Astroturf was patented by Monsanto Industries, Chemgrass’s parent company.

1981 – Queens Park Rangers were the first Premiership team to install an artificial pitch.

1985 – There were 4 artificial surfaces in operation in the English league.

1988 – QPR became the first club to remove an artificial pitch after players complained.

1992 – Artificial grass was first used for landscaping by Envy Turf in Las Vegas.

1995 – Astro turf was banned by English Football League.

2001 – FIFA launched its Quality Concept certifying the use of artificial turf.

2002 – LeisureTechLawns was formed.

2005 – UEFA announced that approved surfaces were to be permitted in their competitions.

2006 – British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study concluding there were no significant differences in injury data between artificial and natural football pitches, for 10 clubs over a 2.5 year period.

2007 – Alan Titchmarsh wrote a column published in the Express titled ‘Some intelligence in artificial lawns.’

2009 – Globally the fake grass industry is said to be worth £1.3 Billion a year, growing at a 20% per year.

2010 – B&Q saw fake grass sales sky-rocket 126% a year after launching their range.  The first competitive match on a partially synthetic surface was played at Wembley.  Fake grass made its debut at the Chelsea Flower Show.

2012 – UK market is worth £300 Million a year, growing at a rate of 35%.

2013 – Ebay reported record sales of artificial grass in Spring, up 44% due to bad weather in the UK.

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Artificial Grass Verges for Retail Parks

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Artficial grass Roundabout Install

LeisureTech Essex Roundabout Install

The Daily Post reported that Mostyn Champneys Retail Park in Llandudno have installed artificial grass on verges to prevent mud and the area looking attractive all year round.

Commercial property experts Savills, are car park managers at Mostyn Champneys.  They took the decision to lay the turf in order to ‘preserve the greenery throughout the year.’

A spokesperson went onto say that around 60% of Britain’s retail parks use artificial turf because it saves money, stays green and prevents muddy footprints in stores.  The reporter asks – “is it verging on the ridiculous, or is it common sense?”

It’s common sense of course.  Artificial grass is the ideal solution for commercial property owners and council departments with green areas to maintain.  Just ask Bourton on the Water council, the Cotswold beauty spot uses fake grass and now saves over £1000 per year on patching up threadbare areas.

The whole point of having the greenery in the first place, is so built-up, industrial areas look more attractive.  But grass doesn’t stay attractive without costly maintenance – watering, feeding, mowing, edging, reseeding.  In a recession many organizations are looking to save money.  By investing in fake grass, the areas stay green and tidy, and the property owner or manager saves on costs.

The UK gets a lot of rain which isn’t necessarily good for grass, especially in areas where drainage is poor.  Verges turn into mud baths; this is not good in high-traffic areas.  Firstly, people don’t want mud on their shoes, or in their cars, and secondly it’s dangerous.  When it comes to retail parks, artificial turf actually has more advantages than the real thing.

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Retailers – How to Use Artificial Grass to Boost Sales

Friday, July 19th, 2013

fake grass at retail storeSummer is notorious for being one of the slowest times of year in retail.

The key to beating the slump in July, August, September is to attract more people through the doors.

Artificial grass has a multitude of uses; it can even help you sell more products.

Here are 4 ways you can it to your advantage:

Window shoppers

If you want to attract more people into your store, you’ll need to invest in exciting window displays.  Think big and make a statement with a brilliant outdoor inspired theme.  For ideas read our previous post:

5 Fabulous fake grass window displays

Themed displays

If your products are related to the outdoors, your job will be much easier.  If not, you just need to be a little more creative.  For example if you’re a bookseller  build an outdoor scene with a picnic blanket, sunglasses and book to paint a picture of a leisurely afternoon reading in the park.

In-store events

Whether it’s a product demo, launch, fun day, or summer sale an event will get people talking about your business.  Suppose you sell arts and craft products, get a local artist to come demonstrate some techniques.  You can use fake grass to create an attractive presentation or seating area.

Attend an exhibition

Book a stand at a trade show, event or exhibition.  Build a fabulous summer-themed display and seating area to attract attention and showcase what you do.


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Artificial Grass and Home Leisure

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Artificial grass has many uses.  It is preferable to real turf in many applications due to its durability, and to avoid mud.  Here are some details of an interesting install we carried out at a large property in Mountnessing, near Brentwood.

Fake grass pool surroundartificial grass pool surround

Artificial lawn ipool grasss ideal for swimming pool and spa surrounds.  Firstly, you avoid the mud which gets into the water, as well as the house.  It doesn’t require any maintenance, yet always looks immaculate.  Plus, it’s not as slippery as other surfaces so much safer for the kids.  Here, you can see we used black grass which looks striking in this contemporary outdoor area.  It blends with the black tiles on the face of the building and the black aluminium patio door profiles, creating a cool space to relax.

Artificial grass golf coursefake grass tee off areas

The extensive grouartificial grass golfnds at the property gave the owners space to splurge on a little extra luxury.  We turfed a par 3 golf hole and tee-off, using a non-sand filled grass, gluing it down with contact adhesive.  The owners can practice at leisure, come rain or shine.  Using fake grass means none of the associated wear and tear problems of natural turf.  Plus it will always look neat without weeding, trimming or edging.  The serious golfer can improve their handicap at home, or just enjoy a fun game with the family.

If you are tired of pool surround maintenance, we can offer you an affordable solution.  If you’re a golfer who wishes there was a way you could get more practice in, why not contact us for a quote?

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Waiting for a break in the rain so you can mow your lawn?

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Artificial grass lawn with play areaSpring is a frustrating time for home owners.  Weeds shoot up quickly, yet April showers mean it’s hard to find a window to mow your lawn.  Plus, if you’re busy at work in the week, you have to be pretty lucky to get a break in the weather at the weekend to cut the grass.  You have to put up with an overgrown lawn for the foreseeable and come May, dandelions and daisies will start to flower.

Save yourself the annoyance with artificial grass

More, and more busy families are turning to fake turf to avoid garden maintenance.  When you work hard all week, rushed off your feet looking after the kids; why would you want to spend your precious spare time tending to your lawn?

Imagine a pristine, lush green lawn for 365 days a year, with none of the work.  An investment of just £45 per sqm can rid you of this chore for good.  Plus, you won’t need to feel like the neighbours are complaining about your weed-ridden lawn behind your back.

It’s safe for children and pets with the added benefit that it’s much more durable than natural grass.  This means no bare patches which ruin the look of your garden.  There’s no mud either so the kids can have a kick-about, without traipsing mud through the house.

If you regularly trim the heads of weeds with a pair of scissors because you can’t find the time to mow…consider the freedom of fake grass.

Read more about the benefits of an artificial lawn

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