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Artificial Grass for Small Gardens

Friday, December 27th, 2013

fake grass in a small gardenThere’s a lot of hassle involved in keeping grass, and unfortunately it doesn’t matter what the surface area.  If you’ve got a small garden, you’ve probably threatened to gravel it over many times – questioning whether it’s worth it for such a small patch of greenery.

Is there really any point?

To keep your small grass area neat, it takes a lot of work.  You dig out the extension lead, unlock the shed, haul out the mower…then start to cut.  Yet you only run over the grass for a few steps, before you have to turn round and go back again.

Little, yet often

The smaller the space, the less you can get away with.   Just a few weeds can make it look like a jungle – so you have to work on it more often.  Even if you’ve only neglected it for a couple of weeks, your garden will always look worse than a larger plot.

No room for a shed

Having a lawn becomes problematic if you’ve nowhere to store your maintenance equipment.  If your garden is really small, you may lose a significant proportion by installing a shed to store a lawn mower, tools, pesticides, and fertilisers to keep you lawn looking good.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for small gardens.  It’s maintenance free and looks pristine all year round.  You get to keep a lush green grass garden, with none of the practical problems you get with the real thing.

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