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Waiting for a break in the rain so you can mow your lawn?

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Artificial grass lawn with play areaSpring is a frustrating time for home owners.  Weeds shoot up quickly, yet April showers mean it’s hard to find a window to mow your lawn.  Plus, if you’re busy at work in the week, you have to be pretty lucky to get a break in the weather at the weekend to cut the grass.  You have to put up with an overgrown lawn for the foreseeable and come May, dandelions and daisies will start to flower.

Save yourself the annoyance with artificial grass

More, and more busy families are turning to fake turf to avoid garden maintenance.  When you work hard all week, rushed off your feet looking after the kids; why would you want to spend your precious spare time tending to your lawn?

Imagine a pristine, lush green lawn for 365 days a year, with none of the work.  An investment of just £45 per sqm can rid you of this chore for good.  Plus, you won’t need to feel like the neighbours are complaining about your weed-ridden lawn behind your back.

It’s safe for children and pets with the added benefit that it’s much more durable than natural grass.  This means no bare patches which ruin the look of your garden.  There’s no mud either so the kids can have a kick-about, without traipsing mud through the house.

If you regularly trim the heads of weeds with a pair of scissors because you can’t find the time to mow…consider the freedom of fake grass.

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Out with the old, in with the new lawn

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Fake grassHappy New Year from all at Leisure Tech Lawns.

Take a look out the window…is the bad British weather ruining your lawn?  If so, maybe it’s time to make a change.  Consider a brand new artificial grass lawn that looks great all year round, with virtually no maintenance.

Winter weather is playing havoc on gardens across the country.  Flooding, frost, ice and snow can have an extremely detrimental effect on grass.

Icy conditions cause serious grass and soil damage.  Lawns become waterlogged when ice melts, then during re-freezing tissue cells rupture.

Snow mould is becoming a more frequent problem in the UK.  Snow covering prevents air from circulating, allowing the fungus to thrive.  This turns grass grey or pink depending on the mould type.

Never walk on a frosty lawn – as the frost ruptures, the grass fractures.  This will leave unsightly footprints where the grass was damaged, long into the Spring months.

If you’re fed up with all these problems, why not make a change for 2013?  You can have a brand new lawn installed at an inclusive price of just £45 per sqm.  That’s everything…the grass itself, labour, materials and VAT.

Artificial grass is indistinguishable from the real thing.  In fact, it’s better.  No bare, patchy, muddy areas, weeds or moulds…just a fresh, luscious green lawn.  It will look immaculate 12 months of the year with none of the hassle.

Start your New Year with a new lawn…and free yourself from garden maintenance.


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Will Artificial Grass Reduce My Carbon Footprint?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Artificial Lawn maintenance costMost people think of greenery as being good for the environment, and it is true that plants and trees produce oxygen which is beneficial. Although it can be a difficult concept to consider, a regular lawn can also have a significantly negative impact on the environment. If you calculate the carbon footprint involved in the maintenance of a grass lawn you might be surprised by the amount of energy that is used.

One of the biggest energy drains created by grass arises from the mowing requirements. From as early as April through to the end of November lawns need to be cut. At the height of the growing season this will need to be done every few days. Whether you are using an electric or petrol mower, this task raises the carbon footprint of a lawn considerably. Well maintained lawns with a lush green appearance will require more frequent mowing as this kind of grass is more likely to grow faster. Unlike artificial grass an unfortunate fact of natural lawns is that the better the grass looks, the more work it requires.

Even with lawns that are well maintained there are a host of weeds which constantly try to establish themselves; daisies, plantain, ragweed and ground ivy are just a few of the challenges that you are forced to cope with on a regular lawn. In order to combat these you will need to use chemical weed-killer than contains noxious elements. Once this has been applied to a lawn it will inevitably filter down into the eco-system and increase the carbon footprint produced by the lawn.

During the hottest time of the year, if you are lucky enough to have avoided a hosepipe ban, natural grass will crave water, and lots of it. The use of a hosepipe, or sprinklers, may not require a power source, but it does represent an increase in the carbon footprint registered by the lawn. For a lawn that is truly environmentally friendly fake grass is the best solution.

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How businesses benefit from artificial grass

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Fake Grass use in a popular BBC TV showMore and more people are beginning to install artificial grass, rather than the natural product, both in their homes and in the workplace. Artificial lawns are often found in children’s play areas and in show homes, but they are also widely used in the world of business.

If you are creating a point of sale for your latest outdoor product, why not show it being used in its natural environment, out in a garden made of fake grass. Using this type of grass will mean that your display can be set up inside, and will not need maintaining in any shape or form. Businesses often use artificial lawns at product events, photo shoots and when they shoot TV commercials.

It can be found on many television programme sets. From daytime chat shows and reality television programmes to soaps and dramas, fake grass is known as the perfect solution when natural is simply not an option.  Many outdoor scenes are often shot indoors, on a set that has been created by professionals. Natural grass simply would not work indoors, which is why many TV set artists choose a man-made alternative. It is durable, maintenance-free and exceptionally clean, ensuring a consistent, fabulous looking, green garden all year round.

Some more environmentally-conscious firms even take it a step further and install artificial grass instead of natural grass at their workplace, as it saves on water and prevents the need to use harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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Artificial grass is the environmentally friendly solution to a perfect garden

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Artificial grass gardenMore and more people are now installing artificial grass in their gardens, as opposed to growing natural grass from seed. It bares many advantages in terms of practicality, whilst also being environmentally friendly.

There is absolutely no need to water this type of grass, which is beneficial at times when hose pipe bans have been enforced. The fact that you don’t need to get the lawn mower out and cut it, also means that you will save on electricity.

Often people like to use products such as pesticides and weed killer on their lawns, in order to keep them in a good condition, however they can be extremely harmful to the environment. Installing fake grass in your garden will ensure that it looks fantastic all year round, without the need to use such harmful chemicals.

Whilst reducing your carbon footprint, you will also find that fake grass saves you a lot of time and effort. Cutting the grass is a task that many people dread doing, as it can take hours out of your day, which could be spent doing something fun with the family.  Choosing the artificial alternative will mean that you never have to spend time maintaining it.

If you have pets it is also particularly useful, as any mess can be easily washed away, without causing any damage to your lawn. Artificial grass is preferred by many holiday home owners, who simply don’t have the time to look after their lawns, especially if they are not always on site.

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The Things we do for Artificial Grass!

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We arrived early at Repton Park, Woodford Green in Greater London to install a residential artificial grass lawn in a very exclusive gated complex.  We quickly realised that there was no access from the side or back of the house.  Then our client explained that he’d rather we didn’t come through the house either which posed a bit of a dilemma.

Did We…….?

a) politely explain to our client that we wouldn’t be able to install the lawn because there was no access available

b) get ladders and climb over the 8ft wall at the back of the property, along with all our equipment

As you can see from the pictures, the answer is b) – we scaled the rear wall, with no fuss and no extra expense to our client.

Here you’ll see us in action, digging up the existing turf, levelling the ground, infilling with sand and laying a geo textile membrane to prevent weeds.   There is a lot of work involved in an artificial grass install!  All that preparatory work must be done before we even think of laying the new lawn.

The key to long lasting, hard wearing, attractive artificial grass is in the preparation and the materials used. Get this right and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have any issues with your new lawn.  If the ground isn’t level the grass is extremely difficult to position and fit.  Without a sand infill, the grass can move around, it therefore gets weaker and is more likely to tare.  The right type of sand must be used; so you don’t get any problems with drainage and undergrowth.

This is why we don’t recommend DIY installs, there is a lot more to it than you may think.  Plus by the time you’ve bought the equipment and materials, the cost difference isn’t much different.


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