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One Man’s Journey: from anti-astro to turf traitor

Monday, October 28th, 2013

This month, Daily Mail columnist Robert Hardman wrote a piece about his new artificial lawn, giving an entertaining account of his journey from anti-astro, to turf traitor.

When the idea was suggested by his wife, Hardman was sceptical to say the least.  He describes artificial grass installation as pure vandalism – “like hammering a satellite dish to an oak tree, putting ketchup on a scone…”  His views are later transformed.  Now a complete convert, he’s “insufferably smug and proud” of his new lawn.

The article is a must-read for anyone considering faking it…especially if you’re trying to persuade your better-half.  Complete with pictures of Richard hoovering the garden – “But if I thought my mowing days were over, I was mistaken. This weekend, my wife handed me the vacuum cleaner, pointed to the garden and said: ‘Leaves…”

Chuck out the Flymo! I’ve got a lawn you can vacuum: Turf traitor Robert Hardman thinks his new plastic garden will leave you green with envy

The moral of the story is…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Last year, we reported on the chaos that ensued when a quaint Cotswolds village decided to install fake turf on muddy verges by the river.  Reporters from all over the World ridiculed the tourist hot-spot.  This is despite the fact officials took the decision to save thousands in maintenance costs.  When will this snobbery end?

The time and money-saving benefits of artificial grass are undeniable.  Contrary to popular belief modern fake grass does not resemble green grocer matting (assuming you’re not looking at something for 99p on eBay).  They’re both green, yes.  But look closely and you’ll see that quality products are multi-tonal – with green, yellow, and brown fibres that look just like the real thing.

Evidence also shows that despite being made of plastic, artificial lawns are less detrimental to the environment than natural grass maintenance.  The latter involving power hungry mowers, chemical pesticides, fertilisers, and water waste.

Speaking of water…we Brit’s experience regular shortages, despite the rain.  Don’t turn your nose up…give fake grass a chance.  Come the next hose-pipe ban, when your neighbours all have yellow lawns, you’ll be the one laughing.  As I’m sure Richard Hardman would agree…it’s much more fun being a traitor.

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Unable to mow your lawn? Fed up of paying a gardener to keep your grass neat?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

artificial grass suppliersKeeping the garden looking good is a nightmare for those who have mobility problems.  If you’re not physically able to mow your lawn, you may have to pay a gardener to do for you.  This is very costly over time, especially for elderly people who are living on a pension, or those claiming benefits.

Other than that, you’re reliant on friends or relatives to give up their spare time.  And you probably feel bad for asking.  This means there are times when you have to put up with a jungle growing out the back, ruining the view from your conservatory.

Consider investing in a new artificial grass lawn.  It has many benefits.  Firstly, there’s no maintenance.  You get an immaculate lawn, without having to pay the local gardener, or bothering relatives to do it for you.  This won’t just save you money on mowing and trimming, but watering too. Your bills will be reduced and you’re helping to save water.

Since it’s advent in the 1960s fake grass has improved dramatically.  A fake lawn is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  Not only does it look real, it feels the same too. So, you can still take your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the garden.

If you’re in the Essex area, we can install your new lawn from just £45 per square meter.  This is a fully inclusive price for the grass itself, labour, tools, materials etc.  Give us call on 01371 875 901 for a free estimate.

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Out with the old, in with the new lawn

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Fake grassHappy New Year from all at Leisure Tech Lawns.

Take a look out the window…is the bad British weather ruining your lawn?  If so, maybe it’s time to make a change.  Consider a brand new artificial grass lawn that looks great all year round, with virtually no maintenance.

Winter weather is playing havoc on gardens across the country.  Flooding, frost, ice and snow can have an extremely detrimental effect on grass.

Icy conditions cause serious grass and soil damage.  Lawns become waterlogged when ice melts, then during re-freezing tissue cells rupture.

Snow mould is becoming a more frequent problem in the UK.  Snow covering prevents air from circulating, allowing the fungus to thrive.  This turns grass grey or pink depending on the mould type.

Never walk on a frosty lawn – as the frost ruptures, the grass fractures.  This will leave unsightly footprints where the grass was damaged, long into the Spring months.

If you’re fed up with all these problems, why not make a change for 2013?  You can have a brand new lawn installed at an inclusive price of just £45 per sqm.  That’s everything…the grass itself, labour, materials and VAT.

Artificial grass is indistinguishable from the real thing.  In fact, it’s better.  No bare, patchy, muddy areas, weeds or moulds…just a fresh, luscious green lawn.  It will look immaculate 12 months of the year with none of the hassle.

Start your New Year with a new lawn…and free yourself from garden maintenance.


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