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Featuring our fake grass installations

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Large lawn installed in Felsted

This large garden required a lot of expensive maintenance.  Mowing, weeding, edge trimming, feeding, watering – costs hundreds of pounds per year, even more if you have to employ a gardener to keep it neat for you.  The solution – a fake lawn with permanent striping, looks immaculate with none of the expense.


The opposite problem in Chelmsford

Small lawns can be more hassle than they’re worth.  This small circular grass area was awkward to maintain.  Now, the owners need not give it a second thought.  It will always look perfect without any of the hassle.



Swimming pool surround in Harlow

There’s no need to pave your swimming pool area and lose your garden’s green.  Fake grass is ideal for pool and spa surrounds.  No more muddy feet or grass in the water.  No mowing, edging, or patchy lawn areas to repair.  Just lovely, soft grass.



Lawn installed in Chigwell

A fake lawn can actually give you more space.  You’ll no longer need a shed to house your mower, strimmer and other gardening tools because artificial grass is maintenance free.  You could erect a new summer house in its place.  You get a new room which you can use as a mini gym, home office or just a quiet place to sit and relax.


Grass in West Horndon

Big beautiful trees like these create a problem for the grass below, preventing it from getting the sunlight it needs.  Without the sun to dry it out, it stays wet longer, the damp weakens the grass, and this allows moss to thrive.  A fake lawn means the owners can enjoy an attractive, pristine garden, without worrying about the conditions.


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Artificial Grass Verges for Retail Parks

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Artficial grass Roundabout Install

LeisureTech Essex Roundabout Install

The Daily Post reported that Mostyn Champneys Retail Park in Llandudno have installed artificial grass on verges to prevent mud and the area looking attractive all year round.

Commercial property experts Savills, are car park managers at Mostyn Champneys.  They took the decision to lay the turf in order to ‘preserve the greenery throughout the year.’

A spokesperson went onto say that around 60% of Britain’s retail parks use artificial turf because it saves money, stays green and prevents muddy footprints in stores.  The reporter asks – “is it verging on the ridiculous, or is it common sense?”

It’s common sense of course.  Artificial grass is the ideal solution for commercial property owners and council departments with green areas to maintain.  Just ask Bourton on the Water council, the Cotswold beauty spot uses fake grass and now saves over £1000 per year on patching up threadbare areas.

The whole point of having the greenery in the first place, is so built-up, industrial areas look more attractive.  But grass doesn’t stay attractive without costly maintenance – watering, feeding, mowing, edging, reseeding.  In a recession many organizations are looking to save money.  By investing in fake grass, the areas stay green and tidy, and the property owner or manager saves on costs.

The UK gets a lot of rain which isn’t necessarily good for grass, especially in areas where drainage is poor.  Verges turn into mud baths; this is not good in high-traffic areas.  Firstly, people don’t want mud on their shoes, or in their cars, and secondly it’s dangerous.  When it comes to retail parks, artificial turf actually has more advantages than the real thing.

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Why installing artificial grass is more difficult than it looks

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Problems when installing artificial lawnsAround half of all artificial lawns laid in the UK are done so independently, rather than through a professional installer.  At Leisure Tech, we do not recommend self-installation of artificial grass.  While it may seem simple at first, there’s a lot more to it than you may think.  Poor installs can lead to all sorts of problems later on.

It’s vital to ensure that turf is laid on a completely level surface.  For example, if you’re installing on concrete paving you will need a base to level it off.  If it isn’t the turf will be under strain at certain points and will wear easily.

Synthetic grass is difficult to install on sloped areas.  It is hard to anchor it properly and without professional help, your sand base could end up being washed away, collecting at the bottom of the incline.

Using the right materials is key to a successful synthetic lawn.   Many retailerslevelling the ground ready to lay artificial grass say to use kiln dried silica sand to weigh the carpet down which is available from most DIY stores.  However, this is not free draining.  After time, it will clog up as the particles are too fine, thus causing moss and weed problems.

Like carpet, artificial grass has a directional pile.  When fitting, it’s all got to run the same way or your lawn will end up looking messy and unnatural.

Edges must be closely butted up and glued together with joining tape.  While suppliers will give you plenty of information to help you do this, it is a skilled task.  The best results are only achieved through years of experience.

Poor self-install can void any warranty you have on your artificial grass.  A 10 year guarantee may sound fantastic but this is only valid if the product is fitted correctly.

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Better Installation for Long Lasting Artificial Grass in Essex

Monday, June 25th, 2012

With Leisure Tech Lawns, you can be confident in the longevity of your new artificial grass lawn.  Unlike other companies – we include a hard core base as standard for a perfectly level lawn and enhanced drainage.

Here’s an overview of the install process and with pictures from a recent project in Essex.

  1. The old surface is removed and levelled
  2. A type 1 hardcore base is laid and compacted using a wacker plate
  3. A timber frame is constructed and positioned for fixing
  4. The area is levelled with a layer of sand
  5. A geotextile weed membrane is placed on top
  6. Grass is rolled out, positioned and nailed down to the timber batons
  7. Seams are joined and edges trimmed
  8. Sand is brushed into the lawn to weigh it down and give it a softer feel

artificial grass compacting crushed hard coreMore Secure

If the surface isn’t perfectly level, it can cause weak points that put the artificial grass under strain. These weak points will be susceptible to wear and tear and the stress can cause rips and tears.  To achieve a level surface we use a compacted hardcore base.  This also stops the sand from moving.    The timber frame gives a perfect level to secure the grass to which will never sink.  This is fixed all around the edges so it will never move.

Enhanced Drainage

We use a holed latex backing that allows water to drain easily.  We use high quality synthetic sports dressing sand.  This has no fine particles; this means water is free to pass through without becoming clogged up.  It does not clog up over time like cheap silica sand.  Underneath, is base of crushed hard core which aids the drainage process even further.  All this ensures you have no problems…no matter how hard it rains.  If you had poor drainage to start with you’ll encounter no further issues.

Artificial grass installation in essexPest Prevention

There’s no need to worry about moles or rabbits – they’re unlikely to tunnel through the hard base.  Even then, they’d never get through the strong geotex membrane that prevents weed growth.  The heavy duty backing on our artificial grass provides a further barrier, so you can relax in the knowledge that nothing with ever reach the surface.

Long Lasting Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass sounds easy but without experience and the right materials, things can go terribly wrong.  Besides once you’ve bought the hard core, sand, adhesives, tools and hired a compacting machinery – you’ll probably end up spending more.  We can install your new artificial grass lawn from just £45 per sqm.  This price includes all labour, materials and VAT.  We cover the whole of Essex and surrounding counties.  For your free quote, call 01371 875901.

Installed Artificial Grass in Essex

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The Things we do for Artificial Grass!

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We arrived early at Repton Park, Woodford Green in Greater London to install a residential artificial grass lawn in a very exclusive gated complex.  We quickly realised that there was no access from the side or back of the house.  Then our client explained that he’d rather we didn’t come through the house either which posed a bit of a dilemma.

Did We…….?

a) politely explain to our client that we wouldn’t be able to install the lawn because there was no access available

b) get ladders and climb over the 8ft wall at the back of the property, along with all our equipment

As you can see from the pictures, the answer is b) – we scaled the rear wall, with no fuss and no extra expense to our client.

Here you’ll see us in action, digging up the existing turf, levelling the ground, infilling with sand and laying a geo textile membrane to prevent weeds.   There is a lot of work involved in an artificial grass install!  All that preparatory work must be done before we even think of laying the new lawn.

The key to long lasting, hard wearing, attractive artificial grass is in the preparation and the materials used. Get this right and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have any issues with your new lawn.  If the ground isn’t level the grass is extremely difficult to position and fit.  Without a sand infill, the grass can move around, it therefore gets weaker and is more likely to tare.  The right type of sand must be used; so you don’t get any problems with drainage and undergrowth.

This is why we don’t recommend DIY installs, there is a lot more to it than you may think.  Plus by the time you’ve bought the equipment and materials, the cost difference isn’t much different.


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