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Choose Artificial Grass for your Contemporary Garden in Essex

Friday, July 13th, 2012

We’ve installed artificial grass at hundreds of properties in Essex and London.  One of the most popular garden landscaping trends we encounter is contemporary and minimalistic.

This look is sleek and landscaping has clean lines with bold shapes.  It is ordered and well-structured, and sometimes incorporates a theme such as modern-Oriental.  Colour schemes are normally ultra-vibrant or neutral and natural.

Usually more about hard landscaping, rModern Garden with artficial grass in Essexather than planting, gardens are made-up of decked or paved areas with raised beds.  This is fine for small courtyard gardens but impossible when you have a large surface area.

See the hard landscaping to the left of this picture, and the geometric centre-seating area on our most recent installation.

Many people want to keep their lawns but find it difficult to achieve that trendy, edgy look.  After all, you’re aiming for the opposite of an English country garden or country cottage style.

Artificial grass is the perfectly landscaping material for a modern garden.  It can be shaped to fit small, awkward and even geometric shapes for your contemporary space.  It doesn’t require mowing, so you can get really creative, without having to think about the practicalities.

There’s no need to store your mower, strimmer, pesticides and fertilisers.  After all, the last thing you need when trying to create a minimalistic space is clutter.  Plus, it will always look immaculate.  Tried, worn, uneven patches will completely ruin your sleek, fresh looking contemporary garden.

Designers actually suggest that you incorporatContemporary Artificial Grass Essex Gardene synthetic materials into this type of garden.  Non-traditional materials like plastics, stainless steel and other metals should be used to give a modern-edgy feel to the space.  Therefore, synthetic grass landscaping is ideal.

See how fantastic this artificial lawn looks, from an installation in Canfield, Essex, with bright green grass and shiny metal accessories.  You can also see how it was skilfully cut to create a wavy pathway.

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Better Installation for Long Lasting Artificial Grass in Essex

Monday, June 25th, 2012

With Leisure Tech Lawns, you can be confident in the longevity of your new artificial grass lawn.  Unlike other companies – we include a hard core base as standard for a perfectly level lawn and enhanced drainage.

Here’s an overview of the install process and with pictures from a recent project in Essex.

  1. The old surface is removed and levelled
  2. A type 1 hardcore base is laid and compacted using a wacker plate
  3. A timber frame is constructed and positioned for fixing
  4. The area is levelled with a layer of sand
  5. A geotextile weed membrane is placed on top
  6. Grass is rolled out, positioned and nailed down to the timber batons
  7. Seams are joined and edges trimmed
  8. Sand is brushed into the lawn to weigh it down and give it a softer feel

artificial grass compacting crushed hard coreMore Secure

If the surface isn’t perfectly level, it can cause weak points that put the artificial grass under strain. These weak points will be susceptible to wear and tear and the stress can cause rips and tears.  To achieve a level surface we use a compacted hardcore base.  This also stops the sand from moving.    The timber frame gives a perfect level to secure the grass to which will never sink.  This is fixed all around the edges so it will never move.

Enhanced Drainage

We use a holed latex backing that allows water to drain easily.  We use high quality synthetic sports dressing sand.  This has no fine particles; this means water is free to pass through without becoming clogged up.  It does not clog up over time like cheap silica sand.  Underneath, is base of crushed hard core which aids the drainage process even further.  All this ensures you have no problems…no matter how hard it rains.  If you had poor drainage to start with you’ll encounter no further issues.

Artificial grass installation in essexPest Prevention

There’s no need to worry about moles or rabbits – they’re unlikely to tunnel through the hard base.  Even then, they’d never get through the strong geotex membrane that prevents weed growth.  The heavy duty backing on our artificial grass provides a further barrier, so you can relax in the knowledge that nothing with ever reach the surface.

Long Lasting Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass sounds easy but without experience and the right materials, things can go terribly wrong.  Besides once you’ve bought the hard core, sand, adhesives, tools and hired a compacting machinery – you’ll probably end up spending more.  We can install your new artificial grass lawn from just £45 per sqm.  This price includes all labour, materials and VAT.  We cover the whole of Essex and surrounding counties.  For your free quote, call 01371 875901.

Installed Artificial Grass in Essex

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Our Favourite Fake Grass Installs

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Versatile fake grass is used in a variety of applications.  This week, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite artificial grass installations from around the web.

The Lounger

Love the feel of a grass surface but hate to lie on the floor?  This sun-lounger was made especially for you.  Offering complete camouflaged against your lawn and blending seamlessly with the landscape.

Fake Grass Sun Lounger

The Seating Area

These stylish fake grass benches from Germany almost look like hedgerows, the perfect addition to an outdoor seating area with a contemporary feel.

Grass Garden Benches

The Fence

Why have wooden fencing when you can have wall-to-wall lawn with these fake grass fence panels?  Your garden could look twice the size and you can decorate the panels with flowers or climbing plants.

Artificial Grass Fence Panels

The Grass House

This Austrian building was created as a tribute to nature; maximising the interchange between inside and outside.

Synthetic Grass House

The Stairs

This was installed by Flooring 4 You a specialist flooring company based in Cheshire.  Part Spanish pebble and part artificial grass for offers a unique finish for your stairway.

Fake Grass Staircase

The Indoor Golf Course

Canon’s office complex boasts a luxury indoor gold course, complete with fairway and bunker.  Executives can use the private putting green to hold informal meetings and entertain clients.

Indoor Golf at Canon Office

The Round-About

We installed artificial grass in Essex on this roundabout on the A130 Chelmsford.  The council are now saving money on maintenance costs and citizens can enjoy a more pleasant commute.

Fake Grass Installed on a Roundabout in Essex

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