Out with the old, in with the new lawn

Fake grassHappy New Year from all at Leisure Tech Lawns.

Take a look out the window…is the bad British weather ruining your lawn?  If so, maybe it’s time to make a change.  Consider a brand new artificial grass lawn that looks great all year round, with virtually no maintenance.

Winter weather is playing havoc on gardens across the country.  Flooding, frost, ice and snow can have an extremely detrimental effect on grass.

Icy conditions cause serious grass and soil damage.  Lawns become waterlogged when ice melts, then during re-freezing tissue cells rupture.

Snow mould is becoming a more frequent problem in the UK.  Snow covering prevents air from circulating, allowing the fungus to thrive.  This turns grass grey or pink depending on the mould type.

Never walk on a frosty lawn – as the frost ruptures, the grass fractures.  This will leave unsightly footprints where the grass was damaged, long into the Spring months.

If you’re fed up with all these problems, why not make a change for 2013?  You can have a brand new lawn installed at an inclusive price of just £45 per sqm.  That’s everything…the grass itself, labour, materials and VAT.

Artificial grass is indistinguishable from the real thing.  In fact, it’s better.  No bare, patchy, muddy areas, weeds or moulds…just a fresh, luscious green lawn.  It will look immaculate 12 months of the year with none of the hassle.

Start your New Year with a new lawn…and free yourself from garden maintenance.


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