Office Décor – Skype’s Use of Fake Grass

fake grass islands

Credit: Complex .com

Design Blitz have turned an old warehouse in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, into a world-class HQ for Skype.  The company used fake grass in this incredible project to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The 54,000sqft Palo Alto offices support 250 employees.  The challenge was to differentiate Skype from other tech giants operating in the Bay area, ultimately, to aid in the recruitment of the best talent.

Skype believe in the power of the environment to influence thought processes.  The company actively encourages ‘accidental meetings’ for the generation of ideas.  Fake grass is used to create picnic spot style ‘islands’ for spontaneous collaboration.  Giant pebbles, a block of wood and bright chairs are used for low-level, relaxed seating.

The board room is a pod, clad in flavour sticks.  These sticks are added to wine barrels to instil oak flavouring, and were salvaged from local wineries.

The staff games room has a large fake grass covered wall, pool and footballs tables, and two comfortable seating areas.  Six red, retro telephones are mounted in a row, running along the centre of the grass wall.  These are actually safety phones that already existed in the building, cleverly reused as artwork.  Skype is making the landline obsolete, so this makes an interesting and apt design feature.

See more pictures at Design Blitz Skype HQ

The project demonstrates how fake grass can be used creatively in office interior designs.   It can be used as a floor or wall covering to create contemporary spaces that encourage creatively in a relaxed environment.

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