How Much Easier your Jubilee Garden Party would be with Fake Grass

Jubilee Celebrations

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As the country marks 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, thousands of people will be hosting garden parties at home for friends and family.

If you have a fake grass lawn, your life will be a whole lot easier as you prepare, host and clean up after your party.  Here’s why:

1.  If you have artificial grass, there’s no need to mow the lawn, trim borders or remove weeds.  Your garden will already be perfectly manicured, ready to receive guests.  You can spend more time on the important stuff like planning recipes and sourcing decorations.

2.  Nor will you need to rush out to your local DIY store and spend money on lawn treatments to revitalise your yellow, patchy grass.

3.  There’s no need to worry about the devastating affect the extra footfall will have on your lawn.  Lots of visitors, kids playing, and extra furniture can have a devastating effect on natural grass.  Lucky fake grass owners don’t need to give it a second thought.

4.  Things naturally get dropped and spilt at parties.  When a portion of your home-made Eton mess slides off your niece’s plate while she’s distracted by a butterfly, there’s no real good way to clean up.  The patch will be a magnet for flies for the whole weekend.  Artificial grass owners can simply hygienically wipe the area down with a cloth.

5.  After your guests have gone home, you’ll be left to return your garden back to its original state.  After collecting all the debris and tidying everything away, fake grass owners can hose down their lawns for a clean, fresh garden.

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