How Much do Artificial Lawns Cost?

Artificial grass installation, sand baseThe basic price of installation of an artificial lawn by LeisureTechLawns is £45 per square metre, inclusive of VAT. As it includes the product itself, installation, materials, equipment and labour this is a very competitive price. In order to work out how much an artificial grass lawn will cost you all you need to do is figure out the size in square metres of your exisiting lawn or the are to be covered and the calculation is simple; area (m2) x 45 = cost.

Rather than asking, ‘How much do artificial lawns cost?’ a more appropriate question is ‘How much do artificial lawns save you?’

If you want to figure out how much you save as a result there are quite a few factors to consider. There is the amount of maintenance and mowing to think about and the cost of fuel that this entails. Given the continued escalationFinished Artificial Lawn Install of energy prices this factor alone will probably compensate for your initial outlay. Add to this the amount of time that tending to your lawn requires. Time is an invaluable commodity, particular when it is during the evening or weekends. Giving up those hours to onerous tasks like feeding, watering, weeding and mowing a lawn is something you just cannot put a price on.

Overall the price of an artificial lawn is far outweighed be the benefits that it gives you.  To get a quotation call 01371 87 5901.  Or complete the contact form

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