Q. Can I lay the artificial grass myself?
A. No, we would not recommend a self  installation unless you have had experience installing the product before, we have seen even skilled landscapers make a complete hash of installations before!


Q. How much does it cost?
A. We can fully install your new lawn, including all materials and labour from as little as £45²m inc v.a.t.


Q. What maintenance would the lawn require?
A. The grass will need to be brushed up with a stiff broom from time to time depending on wear.


Q. Does artificial grass fade in the sun?
A. No, the material that artificial grass is made from is UV stable, therefore it will not fade or discolour in sunlight.


Q. Will I get weeds growing through the artificial grass?
A. No, before the grass is laid we put down a geotextile membrane to prevent anything from growing underneath your new lawn. You may get the odd weed growing from seeds dropped by birds but these are easily removed.


Q. Why do you need to put sand in the grass?
A. The sand is used to help the fibers to stay up and to weigh the carpet down and has to be S4 sports sand, NOT kiln dried silica sand as this will clog up and encourage plants and weeds to grow. S4 sports sand in purpose made for artificial grass infill. Rubber can also be added to the artificial grass to provide extra cushioning.


Q. Is the grass safe for small children and animals?
A. Yes, it makes an ideal safe surface for play areas and can have additional shock absorbers placed underneath it. It’s just like normal grass but without the mud!


Q. How is the artificial grass laid?
A. Firstly we remove the existing grass, this then prevents the old grass from rotting underneath and causing an uneven base. We then level the area and form a base with type 1 crushed concrete, this is then covered with a thin layer of sharp sand. The geotextile membrane is placed on top of the sand to prevent any unwanted weeds from growing through. The artificial grass is then laid on top and nailed down. Finally sand is brushed into the lawn to weigh it down and to help the fibers to stand up.


Q. What areas do Leisure Tech cover?
A. We cover the whole of Essex including London, Chelmsford, Braintree and Bishops Stortford, as well as the surrounding counties of Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Kent.