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Football Association to Embrace Artificial Grass Pitches

Friday, March 14th, 2014

artificial football pitchThe FA has agreed to lift its 20 year artificial grass ban and will allow competitions to be played on non-grass surfaces from as early as next year.  It is thought the FA Cup rulebook will be changed officially later this month, permitting 3G pitches all the way up to the semi-finals.

Maidstone Football Club’s highly publicised fight to get their 3G pitch accepted into the Conference League is said to have contributed to the decision.  The club founded 3G4US, a group of organisations in support of synthetic pitches.  Recently they published a long list of all the New Year’s Day fixtures that had to be cancelled due to bad weather.  Reporting that clubs lost thousands of pounds on football’s most supported day of the year.

It is hoped that artificial pitches will help revive grass roots football in Britain.  The FA and the Government have pledged millions to fund the refurbishment and replacement of playing surfaces.  An all-weather pitch means more practice and more play for thousands of clubs that normally have to shut down when it’s too wet. 

The problem for non-league clubs is they’re wary of making changes in case it hinders progression because of stricter regulations in professional football.  Worthing FC for example are looking to go 3G but have expressed reluctance because of fears it could prevent their promotion to the Conference League.  At the moment, clubs with artificial pitches must gain written permission from the board.  No doubt organisers will welcome the FA’s decision.

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Fake Grass for Summer Events

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

fake grass at eventsThe London Borough of Bromley are using fake grass to create a vibrant, summer setting to stage events.  800 sqft of artificial grass has been installed outside the Churchill Theatre, on Bromley High Street, along with benches and beanbag seating for shoppers to enjoy the entertainment.

The town will host a series of free events from now until September, making Bromley the place to be.  These include martial arts demonstrations, craft sessions, story-telling, face painting, dance shows, music, and mini golf.  Visitors are invited to come down and see what’s happening, relax in the gardens and enjoy the sunshine.

The High Street Garden is supported by the Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund.  Mayor Johnson has pledged £2m to enhance public spaces across Bromley.

If you’re hosting a summer event, fake grass can provide the perfect setting.  It allows you to create a comfortable, attractive space for guests to enjoy – just like Bromley Council have achieved.  With a few decorative accessories, you can even build an entire theme around your new lawn such as elegant garden party, or tropical oasis.

It’s practical too.  You can install the carpet on any flat surface so it’s ideal to cover up dull, concrete areas.  It’s quick and easy to set-up.  The best thing is, you can clean it thoroughly afterwards with a hose and reuse at future events.

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Pets Love Artificial Turf, as Proven by Sheriden Smith’s Dog Trish

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

artificial turf for petsAfter opening luxury doggie boutique BOW WOW in Covent Garden, actress Sheriden Smith decided to hit the shops with her pet Japanese Spitz, Trish.  An incident occurred while she was checking out this season’s shoes in Kurt Geiger.

The footwear store has a fake grass carpet in the entrance way.  Trish decided she needed to relieve herself.  Confused by the grass, she just went.  Sheridan was photographed cleaning up the mess by her manager and then posted the picture #Mortified.  Read the Tweet

Luckily, staff at KG saw the funny side, one employee tweeted that it was the highlight of her day.  LA singer/song writer Judith Owen also shared that her dog had done the same at a Disney Concert Hall Christmas Show.

Subsequently the story was picked up by Now Magazine – Smith ‘mortified’ after her dog poos on fake grass in luxury shoe shop

It just goes to show, dogs love artificial turf.  If your pets are making a mess of your lawn, fake grass is perfect for the back garden.  You can clean up any ‘presents,’ effectively and hygienically with soap and water.  Plus, it won’t stain or wear.

Dogs cannot tell the difference and it’s a growing trend amongst owners.  Jessica Alba famously installed an artificial turf doggie oasis in the grounds of her California home.

We’ve worked on projects for Crufts and The Underdog Show.  As well as installing lots of lawns for dog owners at private properties.  Get your free quote on 01371 87 5901.

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Old Trafford Goes Fake

Monday, June 3rd, 2013
3G football pitches

Image credit: Wiki

Last month Manchester United announced that Old Trafford is to have an artificial grass pitch.  They’ll take up the natural turf and install an £800,000, state of the art 3G football pitch over the summer.

Last replaced 10 years ago, the pitch is serious need of an overhaul.  According to Sir Alex Ferguson, the surface collapsed last winter during a period of heavy rain.  Bosses were worried the bumpy surface would lead to injuries.  It took turf managers months to restore it.

A hybrid mix of 20 million fake fibres and natural grass will make the pitch studier, more reliable and improve play.  First the pitch is re-seeded with grass selected based on soil conditions.  The artificial turf installed by a computer powered machine that needle-injects the fibres into the ground.  This becomes entwined with the roots of the natural grass anchoring the field and creating a firm, reliable surface.  The method is also known as ‘reinforced grass’ because of its strengthening and supportive properties.

Man Utd. were impressed by the successes at Wembley Stadium.  New Wembley had a catalogue of pitch problems until they installed the new high-tech surface.  One of Moyes’ first jobs as manager was to give the go-ahead for the new playing surface.

The club have made sections of the old pitch available to fans.  Supporters were given the opportunity to buy their very own piece of Old Trafford after the Legends game – Man Utd. vs. Real Madrid.

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EBay Announces Fake Grass Sales Up 44 Per Cent

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

IMG_1152-e1329658836816Earlier the in the month, the Daily Express reported that eBay’s sales of garden and outdoor leisure products were soaring despite the weather.  Sales of artificial turf are up 44% and patio heaters a massive 64% on last year.  Brits are fighting back against the cold and rain, refusing to let it spoil our fun.

Many people are turning to fake grass because they simply cannot maintain their lawns when the weather is so changeable.  Read: Waiting for a break in the rain so you can mow your lawn?

The wet is no good for kids either; they can’t play outside in the mud.  A new lawn eliminates this problem; they can kick a football around without it being a mud bath.

Patio heaters are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors on clear but slightly chilly day, or al fresco dining in the evenings when the temperature has dropped.  The best thing you can invest in is a pergola, or gazebo.  A sheltered area in your garden means fresh air and tea on the patio all year round.

Beware of DIY installation

These days online stores and DIY chains have lots of choice in terms of quality.  However, it doesn’t matter how superior the product is if it’s not fitted correctly.  Installing artificial lawns is a highly specialised job.  It may look easy but mistakes can have disastrous consequences.  Plus, by the time you’ve bought the rest of the materials and tools needed, you may find you’re not actually saving much.

We offer an inclusive price of just £45 per sq metre.  That’s everything – the grass itself, crushed hard-core base, sand infill, and labour.  So, before you buy, why not get a quote from a local company and weigh up your options?

Read the full article

Brits taking matters into their own hands and make a ‘fake spring’


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Artificial Grass and Home Leisure

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Artificial grass has many uses.  It is preferable to real turf in many applications due to its durability, and to avoid mud.  Here are some details of an interesting install we carried out at a large property in Mountnessing, near Brentwood.

Fake grass pool surroundartificial grass pool surround

Artificial lawn ipool grasss ideal for swimming pool and spa surrounds.  Firstly, you avoid the mud which gets into the water, as well as the house.  It doesn’t require any maintenance, yet always looks immaculate.  Plus, it’s not as slippery as other surfaces so much safer for the kids.  Here, you can see we used black grass which looks striking in this contemporary outdoor area.  It blends with the black tiles on the face of the building and the black aluminium patio door profiles, creating a cool space to relax.

Artificial grass golf coursefake grass tee off areas

The extensive grouartificial grass golfnds at the property gave the owners space to splurge on a little extra luxury.  We turfed a par 3 golf hole and tee-off, using a non-sand filled grass, gluing it down with contact adhesive.  The owners can practice at leisure, come rain or shine.  Using fake grass means none of the associated wear and tear problems of natural turf.  Plus it will always look neat without weeding, trimming or edging.  The serious golfer can improve their handicap at home, or just enjoy a fun game with the family.

If you are tired of pool surround maintenance, we can offer you an affordable solution.  If you’re a golfer who wishes there was a way you could get more practice in, why not contact us for a quote?

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Romford Artificial Grass install

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

 artificial grass access problemLast week we worked on an ornamental lawn at a property in Romford, Essex.  We thought we’d share the details with readers on the blog.

Every artificial grass project is different, with snags and glitches that you could never foresee.  This time, we couldn’t physically get the grass carpet through the house into the garden.

The kitchen had an island in the centre with hob and extractor and it was impossible to get 60m2 of grass through the space.

Access was a problem at a previous job we did in London, the owner wasn’t happy about us coming through the house.  We carried the grass and all our equipment over an 8ft wall:  Read – The things we do for artificial grass

Carrying grass roll through kitchenThis time, as you’ll see from the photos, the property backs onto neighbouring gardens.  With no public access, going over the back fence wasn’t an option.

How did we solve the issue?

The only way we could get the grass through was to remove the extractor hood.  Here you can see us carrying the roll out through the space.

Another successful install

before-new-lawnLook at the transformatAfter artificial grassion in the before and after shots.   The owners had a very patchy and uneven lawn.  Poor drainage caused pools of water to form round the edges, creating bare patches.

The new lawn looks superb.  It’s pristine and will stay this way without any maintenance.  The large wooden building can be used as a home office or summer house now.  There’s no longer the need to store a mower, or gardening tools.  The owners get to enjoy an immaculate garden, without any of the hassle.


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High altitude artificial football pitch

Friday, March 8th, 2013
artificial grass pitch in the Alps

Image Credit

Swiss team FC Gspon have the highest football stadium in Europe.  At 2,000m (6,560ft) above sea level, it’s so high that grass won’t grow so they had to opt for an artificial pitch.

Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium is located high in the Swiss Alps, near the resort of Zermatt.  There are no roads so players and supporters take the cable car up the mountain from a nearby village.  While access may be poor, the upside is that the views are specular.

The high altitude pitch is yet another amazing application for fake grass.  As altitude increases, the climate changes and the air becomes colder and drier.  These conditions are unsuitable for growing natural grass.  The grass cannot take root sufficiently so would not be strong enough to cope with play.  The only solution: an artificial pitch that can withstand any climate.

It is a common problem in Colorado; citizens grow hardier, hybrid grass species and seed at certain times of the year.  This wouldn’t be an option for a professional football facility.

Readers may remember the controversy in 2007 where Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia were banned from hosting world-cup qualifiers as an altitude of 2,500m gave acclimatised players an unfair advantage.  After much protesting, FIFA were forced to back down.

Bolivia’s Estadio Hernando Siles is the highest in the World at 3,577m above sea level.  The highest in the UK is The Hawthorns at 552ft – West Bromwich Albion also play on an artificial grass pitch.


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Painting Grass Green Vs. Artificial Grass

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
Lawn spraying

Credit: Grass is Greener

In hot climes, it’s becoming quite common to paint your grass green?  Last year, two thirds of the United States was severely affected by the worst drought in decades.  This has led to a huge increase in the popularity of lawn spraying.

Grass is Greener Lawn Painting operates out of Staten Island, New York.  The company has been featured on CBS, CBC News and the Weather Channel.  Their contracting business is booming, alongside this they’ve opened an online store selling equipment, allowing customers to paint their own lawns.  Trees and shrubs can be sprayed too.

The new craze is rather like something out of Alice in Wonderland – painting the roses red.  While it may seem strange, the solution is deemed an environmentally friendly way to reduce maintenance.  The paint is organic, non-toxic and actually adds beneficial chemicals to the grass.  It’s waterproof, dries in 2-3 hours and will last up to 3 months.

LawnLift are producers of America’s best-selling grass paint.  They promise the best colour match to natural grass and also offer paints for black and brown bark and mulch.  Paint contains a naturally occurring ammonia additive to enhance growth.  In the winter months it acts as a protective barrier for increased growth come spring.

In the UK, Telford based firm Amenity sell turf colorants to restore sports turf.  Will home owners start to catch on too?  Paint is a short term solution, unlike artificial grass which will last up to 20 years.  While you may save water, you’ve still got to mow and re-spray.  Some pet suppliers sell lawn paint for home use to touch-up yellow spots but they’re not meant for large scale application.

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History in the making – artificial grass rugby pitches

Friday, February 1st, 2013
Wasps artificial grass rugby pitch

Wasps Training Ground London – Leisure Tech Lawns install

Saracens have made headlines this month after the unveiling of their new artificial grass rugby pitch at Allianz Park, North London.  The club hopes that the 4G surface will enable a faster, safer and more entertaining game.

Their match against Cardiff Blues last Sunday marked a new era for the sport…professional rugby played on an artificial surface.  While it’s prevalent in American football and Northern Europe, the UK, has until now, never seen a game of this kind.

Rugby without mud

In an interview with the BBC, Director Scott Murphy commented “It doesn’t freeze, doesn’t become muddy and doesn’t break down. You can’t over-use it.”  The day before the match, the pitch was covered in snow.  Despite this on the day, the surface was dry and mud-free, during the game the players stayed on their feet and there were less re-set scrums.

The reaction has been fantastic

Players, coaches and officials from both sides praised the pitch, stating that play was enhanced.

Ceri Sweeny said   “The ball is nice and dry all the time, when you kick the ball it doesn’t skid on as much as it does on a grass pitch, it kind of bounces and holds up so that’s kind of different but it was good.”

Referee Rhys Thomas described the surface as ‘exceptional.’  He also observed that the ball bounced a little higher than on natural grass.

Alex Goode told the Sun “The pitch is an absolute winner and I think rugby will benefit long-term from our initiative.”

Coach Alex Sanderson said “We’re very happy with it.  We train on an artificial pitch as it is so we’re quite confident that it’s a better surface than grass because of its consistency and because it drains unbelievably well.”

The future

In a sport where so many matches are called off due to the weather, artificial surfaces could revolutionise the game.  Officials are hoping fake grass will do for rugby what it’s done for hockey –surface consistency and all year round play.

The Welsh Rugby Union announced that the Millennium Stadium was considered an artificial grass pitch.  They’ve had lots of issues with their natural turf pitch.  In 2009 it had to be re-laid due to a fly infestation.  The ground is to host 6 matches in the 2015 Rugby World Cup and believe that a 4G surface will be much more practical.

The first premier fixture at Allianz Park, Saracens vs. Exeter Chiefs will be played on 16 February.  The rugby community will be watching.

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