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Can a fake grass garden help hay fever symptoms?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

fake grass lawnHay fever is a pollen allergy.  The reaction irritates the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses.  Symptoms vary in severity, from sneezing and itchy eyes to facial pain and shortness of breath.   As many as 1 in 5 people will suffer from it at some point in their lives.

There are around 30 different types of pollen you can be allergic to.  The most common varieties are grass, weed, and tree pollen.  In the UK, 90% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to pollen from grass.  This is released into the air between the months of May and August, turning summer into a long, miserable season of cold-flu type discomfort.

Can a fake grass garden can reduce hay fever?  Well…first, it’s important to note there are no empirical studies to suggest those with an artificial garden are less afflicted.  However, it stands to reason that if there’s less pollen surrounding your home, and less getting into the house, you should feel a little better.

Firstly, cutting the grass is the worst thing you can do to stir up pollen.  When it’s released into the air, it sticks to people and clothing, which then ends up coming into the house.  With an artificial lawn, this won’t happen as you’ll never need to mow.

If you have children with hay fever, you may have a strict ban on outdoor play in the summer, as it exasperates their symptoms.  With fake grass, you might find they’re OK to play without feeling the effects.

The NHS advises you to keep pets outside to stop them bringing pollen into the house, and not to dry washing outside as it gets on your clothes.  While you can never prevent pollen 100%, at least if your dog has been rolling round on the grass, he won’t be covered in the stuff.


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Rabbit problems and artificial lawns

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

artificial lawns rabbitsLast week we wrote about artificial lawns as a solution to fox problems.  We had a question from a reader who wondered whether it would deter rabbits too.  The answer is yes, artificial grass will certainly stop rabbits from digging up your garden.

In Britain, wild rabbits cause an estimated £100 million pounds worth of crop damage every year.  And it’s not just farmers that suffer, they to love to dig, especially in the short grass found in gardens.  They can’t help it, it’s a natural instinct.  Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not necessarily trying to burrow, sometimes they’re in search of tasty young shoots.

What can you do about it?  Well, you could try an animal repellent (pellets or spray).  Another option is a motion-activated sprinkler device.  Many people choose to install an artificial lawn to solve the problem for good.  Of course, it won’t stop them eating from your vegetable patch, but they’ll not be able to dig any more holes.  Artificial grass has lots of other benefits, giving you an immaculate, lush green lawn all year round.

If you keep pet rabbits, you’ll have the same problem, digging is one of their favourite pastimes.  A great way to prevent pet rabbits from digging your lawn is to give them a substitute, a sand pit or large plant pot filled with soil should do the trick.  Or, you could  install an artificial lawn – it’s safe for all types of pets.  The best thing is, the mess is easy to clean up, without any stains to your grass.  The picture is an artificial grass lawn we installed for a bunny owner in Essex.

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Artificial lawns – the best solution to urban fox problems

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

fox problems in gardensAround 13% of Britain’s fox population live in urban areas, this equates to 33,000 individuals.  Spacious suburban gardens provide the ideal habitat for them.  Contrary to what you see on TV, they rarely scavenge through litter bins.  However, they do love to dig up lawns.

Foxes often dig small holes in lawns when they’re hunting worms in wet weather.  In the Spring and Summer months, fox cubs are the culprits.  They dig playfully, with an annoying tendency to reopen the holes once they’ve been filled in.

It’s very difficult to foxes out because an adult can squeeze through a 10cm gap, as well as scale a 2m high wall or fence.  When it comes to prevention, there are not many options.  You can use a commercial animal repellent.  This comes in liquid form and you water (or spray) the areas most affected.  It works by creating an artificial scent mark, as foxes are territorial they get nervous when they cannot identify the scent and are scared away from the area.  It isn’t always effective and unfortunately, some people resort to putting down broken glass and metal spikes.  This is against the law and you can be prosecuted if an animal is injured under the animal welfare act.

What’s the best solution?  An artificial lawn.  It’s impenetrable, so even if they try, they won’t be able to dig.  Plus, you’re eliminating the worm problem.  Foxes don’t just eat small rodents, rabbits and birds.  Worms and insects make up over 15% of their diet.  This can be higher depending on what food is available in the area, and the time of year.  By installing an artificial lawn, you’re eradicating the food source too.

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Artificial Grass Verges for Retail Parks

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Artficial grass Roundabout Install

LeisureTech Essex Roundabout Install

The Daily Post reported that Mostyn Champneys Retail Park in Llandudno have installed artificial grass on verges to prevent mud and the area looking attractive all year round.

Commercial property experts Savills, are car park managers at Mostyn Champneys.  They took the decision to lay the turf in order to ‘preserve the greenery throughout the year.’

A spokesperson went onto say that around 60% of Britain’s retail parks use artificial turf because it saves money, stays green and prevents muddy footprints in stores.  The reporter asks – “is it verging on the ridiculous, or is it common sense?”

It’s common sense of course.  Artificial grass is the ideal solution for commercial property owners and council departments with green areas to maintain.  Just ask Bourton on the Water council, the Cotswold beauty spot uses fake grass and now saves over £1000 per year on patching up threadbare areas.

The whole point of having the greenery in the first place, is so built-up, industrial areas look more attractive.  But grass doesn’t stay attractive without costly maintenance – watering, feeding, mowing, edging, reseeding.  In a recession many organizations are looking to save money.  By investing in fake grass, the areas stay green and tidy, and the property owner or manager saves on costs.

The UK gets a lot of rain which isn’t necessarily good for grass, especially in areas where drainage is poor.  Verges turn into mud baths; this is not good in high-traffic areas.  Firstly, people don’t want mud on their shoes, or in their cars, and secondly it’s dangerous.  When it comes to retail parks, artificial turf actually has more advantages than the real thing.

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Artificial Lawns for Hotel Grounds

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

hotel artificial grassIn the hotel and leisure industry, when it comes to the exterior façade of your establishment, there can be no compromise.  Inviting, attractive, immaculately kept grounds and gardens sell, resulting in more bookings and more customers.

Maintenance however, is expensive.  If you have large areas that need tending to, the cost will eat into your profits.  There’s labour, equipment and materials including pesticides, fertilisers, water and electricity.  Have you ever considered going fake?

Artificial lawns are ideal for large properties with extensive grounds in the hospitality industry.  While the initial outlay may by costly, the amount you’ll save on maintenance means you’ll recoup this easily, maybe even within the first year.  There’s no watering, mowing or weeds – just lush green grass that looks stunning all year round.

The latest products are so realistic that your clients may not even notice the difference.  Because it’s so hard wearing and any mess can be hosed down, you could even consider take down some of the ‘keep of the grass’ signs.

As well as cutting costs, installing artificial grass gives you the opportunity to add interesting new features that make your business more sellable.  How about a mini golf course to add to your brochure?  Carpeted balconies so clients feel soft grass under their feet while they relax?  Or, a grassed restaurant terrace that gives you a natural, contemporary look?

For more information, call us on 01371 87 5901.  If you’re an Essex hotel, B&B or guest house, we’ll survey your property and give you a quote free, without any obligation.

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Why kids love artificial lawns

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

family garden with artificial lawnIt’s coming up to that time of year…the end of term and no school for 6 whole weeks.  During the holidays it’s great to see children playing outside, getting lots of exercise and fresh air.  You want to see them out the in garden kicking a ball around, bouncing on the trampoline, or catching frogs and collecting bugs.  This means wear on your lawn.

Kids can do lots of damage in 6 wks – creating pathways and patches under the swing – turning your immaculately kept lawn into an unsightly mess.  Every item of clothing they possess becomes grass stained and no matter what you try, they won’t come out.

Then there’s the mud.  When it’s been raining you daren’t let them out in the garden; that is unless you’ve got a spare hour to wash trainers, shoes and mop footprints from your kitchen floor.  Plus, if they play on the soggy grass they’ll do more damage to the lawn.

Be free of all this hassle

Kids love artificial lawns.  Why?  Because they get the freedom to play outside whatever the weather.  Fake grass means no wear, no patches, no mud, no stains.  They won’t damage the lawn, ruin their clothing or risk walking mud through the house – they can just enjoy the outdoors.  You don’t need to stress about what they’re up to, or nag them to take off their shoes.  Instead, you can encourage them to play outdoors more often – rather than sitting in front of the TV.

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Pets Love Artificial Turf, as Proven by Sheriden Smith’s Dog Trish

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

artificial turf for petsAfter opening luxury doggie boutique BOW WOW in Covent Garden, actress Sheriden Smith decided to hit the shops with her pet Japanese Spitz, Trish.  An incident occurred while she was checking out this season’s shoes in Kurt Geiger.

The footwear store has a fake grass carpet in the entrance way.  Trish decided she needed to relieve herself.  Confused by the grass, she just went.  Sheridan was photographed cleaning up the mess by her manager and then posted the picture #Mortified.  Read the Tweet

Luckily, staff at KG saw the funny side, one employee tweeted that it was the highlight of her day.  LA singer/song writer Judith Owen also shared that her dog had done the same at a Disney Concert Hall Christmas Show.

Subsequently the story was picked up by Now Magazine – Smith ‘mortified’ after her dog poos on fake grass in luxury shoe shop

It just goes to show, dogs love artificial turf.  If your pets are making a mess of your lawn, fake grass is perfect for the back garden.  You can clean up any ‘presents,’ effectively and hygienically with soap and water.  Plus, it won’t stain or wear.

Dogs cannot tell the difference and it’s a growing trend amongst owners.  Jessica Alba famously installed an artificial turf doggie oasis in the grounds of her California home.

We’ve worked on projects for Crufts and The Underdog Show.  As well as installing lots of lawns for dog owners at private properties.  Get your free quote on 01371 87 5901.

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5 Lawn Problems you can solve with Fake Grass

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Family garden fake lawn in Romford1. North facing

Lawns need around 4 hours of light a day to stay healthy.  North facing gardens are not so much of a problem in the summer because the sun is higher in the sky.   The winter however can be a nightmare.  The damp conditions cause algae, slime, and moss growth; you may even get the odd mushroom.

2. Over-shadowed

If your house, neighbouring buildings, or tall trees cast a huge shadow over your lawn, it probably won’t get enough sunlight.  Grass in a shaded garden is normally patchy and mossy and you’ll have the hassle of re-seeding every year.

3. South facing

Lawns in sunny gardens can get scorched in the direct sunlight, turning grass from lush green to yellow/brown.  Lawn watering is normally more costly, using more water means higher monthly bills.

4. Outdoor play equipment

Swings, slides, and climbing frames leave unsightly marks on your lawn.  Wear and patching is inevitable.  Trampolines are the worst as the grass area underneath the mat is blocked out so gets zero sun.

5. Fruit trees

Falling apples, pears, plums or cherries can cause a lot of mess.  Sticky, rotting fruit will attract pests into your garden and the remains are hard to clear up.  You cannot clean natural grass.

If you’ve got any of these lawn problems, fake grass could transform your garden, making it more attractive, more usable, and less hassle.  You can be free of maintenance, save money on treatments, and start enjoying your outdoor space.

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Unable to mow your lawn? Fed up of paying a gardener to keep your grass neat?

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

artificial grass suppliersKeeping the garden looking good is a nightmare for those who have mobility problems.  If you’re not physically able to mow your lawn, you may have to pay a gardener to do for you.  This is very costly over time, especially for elderly people who are living on a pension, or those claiming benefits.

Other than that, you’re reliant on friends or relatives to give up their spare time.  And you probably feel bad for asking.  This means there are times when you have to put up with a jungle growing out the back, ruining the view from your conservatory.

Consider investing in a new artificial grass lawn.  It has many benefits.  Firstly, there’s no maintenance.  You get an immaculate lawn, without having to pay the local gardener, or bothering relatives to do it for you.  This won’t just save you money on mowing and trimming, but watering too. Your bills will be reduced and you’re helping to save water.

Since it’s advent in the 1960s fake grass has improved dramatically.  A fake lawn is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  Not only does it look real, it feels the same too. So, you can still take your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the garden.

If you’re in the Essex area, we can install your new lawn from just £45 per square meter.  This is a fully inclusive price for the grass itself, labour, tools, materials etc.  Give us call on 01371 875 901 for a free estimate.

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Waiting for a break in the rain so you can mow your lawn?

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Artificial grass lawn with play areaSpring is a frustrating time for home owners.  Weeds shoot up quickly, yet April showers mean it’s hard to find a window to mow your lawn.  Plus, if you’re busy at work in the week, you have to be pretty lucky to get a break in the weather at the weekend to cut the grass.  You have to put up with an overgrown lawn for the foreseeable and come May, dandelions and daisies will start to flower.

Save yourself the annoyance with artificial grass

More, and more busy families are turning to fake turf to avoid garden maintenance.  When you work hard all week, rushed off your feet looking after the kids; why would you want to spend your precious spare time tending to your lawn?

Imagine a pristine, lush green lawn for 365 days a year, with none of the work.  An investment of just £45 per sqm can rid you of this chore for good.  Plus, you won’t need to feel like the neighbours are complaining about your weed-ridden lawn behind your back.

It’s safe for children and pets with the added benefit that it’s much more durable than natural grass.  This means no bare patches which ruin the look of your garden.  There’s no mud either so the kids can have a kick-about, without traipsing mud through the house.

If you regularly trim the heads of weeds with a pair of scissors because you can’t find the time to mow…consider the freedom of fake grass.

Read more about the benefits of an artificial lawn

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