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Friday, January 31st, 2014

Large lawn installed in Felsted

This large garden required a lot of expensive maintenance.  Mowing, weeding, edge trimming, feeding, watering – costs hundreds of pounds per year, even more if you have to employ a gardener to keep it neat for you.  The solution – a fake lawn with permanent striping, looks immaculate with none of the expense.


The opposite problem in Chelmsford

Small lawns can be more hassle than they’re worth.  This small circular grass area was awkward to maintain.  Now, the owners need not give it a second thought.  It will always look perfect without any of the hassle.



Swimming pool surround in Harlow

There’s no need to pave your swimming pool area and lose your garden’s green.  Fake grass is ideal for pool and spa surrounds.  No more muddy feet or grass in the water.  No mowing, edging, or patchy lawn areas to repair.  Just lovely, soft grass.



Lawn installed in Chigwell

A fake lawn can actually give you more space.  You’ll no longer need a shed to house your mower, strimmer and other gardening tools because artificial grass is maintenance free.  You could erect a new summer house in its place.  You get a new room which you can use as a mini gym, home office or just a quiet place to sit and relax.


Grass in West Horndon

Big beautiful trees like these create a problem for the grass below, preventing it from getting the sunlight it needs.  Without the sun to dry it out, it stays wet longer, the damp weakens the grass, and this allows moss to thrive.  A fake lawn means the owners can enjoy an attractive, pristine garden, without worrying about the conditions.


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9 Questions to Ask when Choosing an Artificial Grass Supplier

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Can I see a sample?

Never buy grass from a photograph, always see a sample.  Quality ranges from fake looking green-grocer-mat, to state-of-the-art turf that feels exactly like the real thing.

Where can I view your work?

It’s always better to see the grass laid, rather than looking at a small square sent through the post.  It will give you a much better idea of what your lawn will look like.  Plus, you can evaluate the quality of installation.

What does the price include?

Most companies will give you a price per square meter, but what exactly does that include?  VAT, shipping, installation, materials, labour?

How long is the product guaranteed for?

This will vary depending on the quality.  When you’re comparing quotes bear this in mind.  Something that costs a little more, but should last twice a long is a much better deal.

How should I maintain the grass to keep it in good condition?

Find out exactly what maintenance is required, what to do and what not to do.

Can I see the warranty terms and conditions?

Find out exactly what’s covered.  This is important, especially if you’re considering self-fit – any mistakes you make could void your warranty.

How will you install the grass?

Make sure the company use proper installation methods.  For example, we use a crushed hard core base for good drainage in every installation, others may not.

Who will carry out the work?

Make sure a qualified, experienced fitter will install the grass.  Problems can occur during installation and so you need to make sure someone with expertise is present to manage the project.

What insurance do you carry?

Make sure the fitter’s have adequate insurance in case of accidents or injury.

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Artificial Grass and Home Leisure

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Artificial grass has many uses.  It is preferable to real turf in many applications due to its durability, and to avoid mud.  Here are some details of an interesting install we carried out at a large property in Mountnessing, near Brentwood.

Fake grass pool surroundartificial grass pool surround

Artificial lawn ipool grasss ideal for swimming pool and spa surrounds.  Firstly, you avoid the mud which gets into the water, as well as the house.  It doesn’t require any maintenance, yet always looks immaculate.  Plus, it’s not as slippery as other surfaces so much safer for the kids.  Here, you can see we used black grass which looks striking in this contemporary outdoor area.  It blends with the black tiles on the face of the building and the black aluminium patio door profiles, creating a cool space to relax.

Artificial grass golf coursefake grass tee off areas

The extensive grouartificial grass golfnds at the property gave the owners space to splurge on a little extra luxury.  We turfed a par 3 golf hole and tee-off, using a non-sand filled grass, gluing it down with contact adhesive.  The owners can practice at leisure, come rain or shine.  Using fake grass means none of the associated wear and tear problems of natural turf.  Plus it will always look neat without weeding, trimming or edging.  The serious golfer can improve their handicap at home, or just enjoy a fun game with the family.

If you are tired of pool surround maintenance, we can offer you an affordable solution.  If you’re a golfer who wishes there was a way you could get more practice in, why not contact us for a quote?

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Romford Artificial Grass install

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

 artificial grass access problemLast week we worked on an ornamental lawn at a property in Romford, Essex.  We thought we’d share the details with readers on the blog.

Every artificial grass project is different, with snags and glitches that you could never foresee.  This time, we couldn’t physically get the grass carpet through the house into the garden.

The kitchen had an island in the centre with hob and extractor and it was impossible to get 60m2 of grass through the space.

Access was a problem at a previous job we did in London, the owner wasn’t happy about us coming through the house.  We carried the grass and all our equipment over an 8ft wall:  Read – The things we do for artificial grass

Carrying grass roll through kitchenThis time, as you’ll see from the photos, the property backs onto neighbouring gardens.  With no public access, going over the back fence wasn’t an option.

How did we solve the issue?

The only way we could get the grass through was to remove the extractor hood.  Here you can see us carrying the roll out through the space.

Another successful install

before-new-lawnLook at the transformatAfter artificial grassion in the before and after shots.   The owners had a very patchy and uneven lawn.  Poor drainage caused pools of water to form round the edges, creating bare patches.

The new lawn looks superb.  It’s pristine and will stay this way without any maintenance.  The large wooden building can be used as a home office or summer house now.  There’s no longer the need to store a mower, or gardening tools.  The owners get to enjoy an immaculate garden, without any of the hassle.


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TV Star’s Fake Grass Nightmare

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Gemma Merna AKA Carmel Valentine of C4’s Hollyoaks was declared bankrupt this week thanks to a 3 year court dispute over an artificial grass lawn.  After paying £5000 for turf to create a doggy play area, Gemma and her husband returned from holiday to extensive flooding at their dream home.

Inadequate drainage – has caused pools of stagnant water to form, ruining the star’s garden

Water damage – the property’s exterior is severely flooded and the interiors have been damaged

Poor installation – the lawn is dangerous with nails sticking out around the edges

See pictures of the flooded lawn at the Daily Mail online

Told the water would drain away, the couple waited to no avail.  They were then asked to pay extra money for drainage costs and a legal battle ensued.  Gemma was then taken to court 3 times by the artificial grass company for non-payment which has allegedly resulted in her bankruptcy.

concrete base for artificial grass

Hard core base to enhance drainage in artficial grass install

“The £10,000 worth of rubbish” could be a result of poor quality turf or unsuitable ground conditions.  Artificial grass normally has a porous backing to allow water to drain away easily.  The lawn was installed without a stone underlay – which the supplier says they refused to pay for.   Every lawn we install includes a base made up of crushed hard core and sand- as standard.  This is essential for good drainage; eliminating the risk of flooding.

This story also illustrates why we never recommend DIY installation of fake grass. While it may seem tempting to save the money, it is a skilled job.  Drainage issues can cause an inordinate amount of damage that’s devastating for home owners – not to mention costly.


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How to find the best artificial grass prices

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Groundworks for installing artificial grassHere’s how a budget conscious consumer typically shops for artificial grass:

1.  Find the best artificial grass supplier in terms of price and quality online, after scouring discount retailer websites or using ebay.  Measure up and order the estimated amount in square meters.

2.  Take a trip to B&Q to buy all the extra equipment needed for the install, glue, tape, sharp knives and sand to weigh the grass down and keep it in position.

3.  In the case of large areas, that are seriously uneven, some will find a contractor to do the groundwork.  Others buy the materials such as sand to form a level surface from a local specialist and do it themselves.  Both can be extremely costly.

Things to keep in mind

The cheapest artificial grass can be bought from around £9 a square meter.  While this may seem brilliant, as with everything else, you only get what you pay for.  Apart from the fact it might looks like it’s come from a green grocer display, budget fake grass can cause  lots of problems later on.

Firstly it’s not as hard wearing, poor weaves mean fibres may fall out and you’ll end up with bare patches in high traffic areas.  You also need to consider whether it allows free drainage to avoid giant pools developing in your garden.

Many people fail to realise that there will be a lot of extras required and the initial price of £9 per sqm, can end up costing much, much more.

Once you bought all the tools, equipment and materials to do the job, you may as well have had a professional company come in to fit it.  You will save time, hassle and the total cost is unlikely to be much different.  Leisure Tech Lawns install for just £45 per sqm, this includes all groundwork, materials and labour.

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Why installing artificial grass is more difficult than it looks

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Problems when installing artificial lawnsAround half of all artificial lawns laid in the UK are done so independently, rather than through a professional installer.  At Leisure Tech, we do not recommend self-installation of artificial grass.  While it may seem simple at first, there’s a lot more to it than you may think.  Poor installs can lead to all sorts of problems later on.

It’s vital to ensure that turf is laid on a completely level surface.  For example, if you’re installing on concrete paving you will need a base to level it off.  If it isn’t the turf will be under strain at certain points and will wear easily.

Synthetic grass is difficult to install on sloped areas.  It is hard to anchor it properly and without professional help, your sand base could end up being washed away, collecting at the bottom of the incline.

Using the right materials is key to a successful synthetic lawn.   Many retailerslevelling the ground ready to lay artificial grass say to use kiln dried silica sand to weigh the carpet down which is available from most DIY stores.  However, this is not free draining.  After time, it will clog up as the particles are too fine, thus causing moss and weed problems.

Like carpet, artificial grass has a directional pile.  When fitting, it’s all got to run the same way or your lawn will end up looking messy and unnatural.

Edges must be closely butted up and glued together with joining tape.  While suppliers will give you plenty of information to help you do this, it is a skilled task.  The best results are only achieved through years of experience.

Poor self-install can void any warranty you have on your artificial grass.  A 10 year guarantee may sound fantastic but this is only valid if the product is fitted correctly.

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Artificial Lawn Company: What to look for in a Supplier?

Friday, October 26th, 2012

artificial grass at roundabout in EssexIf you have made the decision to invest in artificial grass there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when choosing an artificial lawn company. There are also a number of signs to watch out for in suppliers that you should aim to avoid.

A dependable artificial lawn supplier they should be able to show you a portfolio of their work. This should illustrate the full range of options that they have available and include something similar to the type of lawn you are looking for. The portfolio may be a collection of photographs on their website, or within a printed publication that they can send you.

It is always worth checking the dates of the images and if the most recent picture was taken some time in the past this is a cause for concern. They should be able to show examples of jobs they are currently working on, or their most recent pieces of work. A good supplier will have a public venue that you can visit so that you are able to check the quality of their workmanship. – You can see our work at Warner’s Farm roundabout on the A130 Chelmsford, Essex (pictured).  Or check out our Grass Gallery

It is important that your supplier can provide you with a clear pricing plan. If there is any ambiguity about the prices that you are being quoted then it is likely that they may be trying to conceal some of the costs. Any supplier should be able to give you a quotation for the complete job and you must ask for this before you process an order with a company.  Find out our artificial grass prices

An experienced operator should be able to offer a wealth of experience when it comes to artificial lawns. They will be able to advice on a range of products and recommend suitable solutions for any job that you are considering. It is important that you are confident in the people you are dealing with and this will only occur if they can demonstrate excellent levels of knowledge and understanding.  Find out more about Leisure Tech Lawns

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Fake grass at London 2012

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Attractive landscaping

Despite years of planning, lawns at the Olympic village were not quite up to scratch.  At the last minute, the OOC (Olympic Organising Committee) ordered fake grass to cover areas which has been ruined by weeks of heavy rain and then a long dry spell.  This included 5,000m2 for the hospitality site.  As well as relaxation areas within the main village at Stratford, the external area of the Coca Cola entertainment centre, Rowing village and the Royal Holloway University.

Terminal decor

The temporary Olympic Terminal at Heathrow was built solely for Games Family departures.  It was designed especially for use over 3 days after the closing ceremony.  1600m2 of fake grass has been used to give the terminal building a more prestigious look which has been praised by departing athletes as a great finishing touch to their London experience.

Hockey success

Nowadays, fake grass is the preferred surface at top-level hockey matches.  Water-based, fake-turf allows the ball to roll more smoothly and quickly.  Riverbank Arena, the official London 2012 venue was a synthetic surface in brilliant blue with a pink surround.  Leisure Tech Lawns are the proud installers of the Olympic Hockey pitch in Loughton Essex and a water-based surface for Lillyshall hockey pitch, pictured left and right.


BBC Studio for the games was located on a rooftop at Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.  A roof garden setting was created using fake grass which boasted magnificent views overlooking the Olympic Stadium.

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Our latest artificial grass installation

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Our most recent project was at this beautiful, detached Georgian home.  The owners wanted a family friendly, low maintenance lawn.  As you can see, the children’s play equipment has been gathered on the patio, ready for us to start work.






We were hired to install artificial grass in a large courtyard area at the rear of the house.  This was an un-landscaped space that had been gravelled at some point.  Our first task was to clear and level it.






Here you’ll see us constructing a base made up of crushed hard core for good drainage and silica sand to achieve a perfectly level surface.  This is compacted using a wacker plate and a geotextile membrane is laid on top to stop any weeds.






All finished!  See how natural the synthetic grass looks, can you tell the difference?  The lush green lawn enhances the appearance of the property and makes a more functional space for the owners to enjoy.






This courtyard can now an extension of the family home, thanks to the soft, cleanable grass surface.  The owners are sure to get much more use out of this once redundant area.







As well as more use, they’ll get much less hassle.  The children will be able to play outside safely, without getting nasty scrapes and scratches from the gravelly floor.  Plus, no more muddy footprints will appear on the freshly mopped kitchen floor.






See how neatly the grass has been cut around the grates and drain pipes, it would have been extremely difficult to achieve a look this manicured with natural turf.

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