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The Easy Way to Create a Rooftop Garden

Friday, August 2nd, 2013
rooftop garden artificial grass

Credit: Freshome

If you’re researching the possibility of landscaping your roof, it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth.  But creating your roof-top oasis doesn’t have to be difficult…the easy solution is to use artificial grass.  It can be installed quickly and inexpensively, straight on top of concrete.

You can forget about practical considerations like whether the structure can take the weight of the soil, or where to put the lawn mower.  Artificial turf will give you a lush green lawn anywhere, with none of the hassle.  It will stay this way too, without any maintenance.  So there’s no need to worry about upkeep, watering or weeding.

Once your turf is installed you can design and decorate your newfound outdoor space.  Whether you want something sleek and contemporary, or elegant and traditional you’ll have a blank lawned canvas to work with.

  • Use planters, pots, hanging baskets and stands to introduce trees, plants and flowers.
  • Create a pathway with decorative patio stones.
  • Add designer outdoor lighting to set the mood.
  • Purchase outdoor lounge furniture to create a seating area.
  • Add colour with vibrant cushions, throws and accessories.
  • Decorate the walls with climbing plants or wall-art.
  • Build/buy a storage cupboard to keep all your essentials – corkscrew, suntan lotion, BBQ utensils.
  • Make it more private with clever screening.

LeisureTechLawns have completed many projects on rooftops, patios, balconies terraces, and courtyards.  If you’d like a quote for professional installation of artificial grass, call us on 01371 87 5901.

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Fake Grass for Summer Events

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

fake grass at eventsThe London Borough of Bromley are using fake grass to create a vibrant, summer setting to stage events.  800 sqft of artificial grass has been installed outside the Churchill Theatre, on Bromley High Street, along with benches and beanbag seating for shoppers to enjoy the entertainment.

The town will host a series of free events from now until September, making Bromley the place to be.  These include martial arts demonstrations, craft sessions, story-telling, face painting, dance shows, music, and mini golf.  Visitors are invited to come down and see what’s happening, relax in the gardens and enjoy the sunshine.

The High Street Garden is supported by the Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund.  Mayor Johnson has pledged £2m to enhance public spaces across Bromley.

If you’re hosting a summer event, fake grass can provide the perfect setting.  It allows you to create a comfortable, attractive space for guests to enjoy – just like Bromley Council have achieved.  With a few decorative accessories, you can even build an entire theme around your new lawn such as elegant garden party, or tropical oasis.

It’s practical too.  You can install the carpet on any flat surface so it’s ideal to cover up dull, concrete areas.  It’s quick and easy to set-up.  The best thing is, you can clean it thoroughly afterwards with a hose and reuse at future events.

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Retailers – How to Use Artificial Grass to Boost Sales

Friday, July 19th, 2013

fake grass at retail storeSummer is notorious for being one of the slowest times of year in retail.

The key to beating the slump in July, August, September is to attract more people through the doors.

Artificial grass has a multitude of uses; it can even help you sell more products.

Here are 4 ways you can it to your advantage:

Window shoppers

If you want to attract more people into your store, you’ll need to invest in exciting window displays.  Think big and make a statement with a brilliant outdoor inspired theme.  For ideas read our previous post:

5 Fabulous fake grass window displays

Themed displays

If your products are related to the outdoors, your job will be much easier.  If not, you just need to be a little more creative.  For example if you’re a bookseller  build an outdoor scene with a picnic blanket, sunglasses and book to paint a picture of a leisurely afternoon reading in the park.

In-store events

Whether it’s a product demo, launch, fun day, or summer sale an event will get people talking about your business.  Suppose you sell arts and craft products, get a local artist to come demonstrate some techniques.  You can use fake grass to create an attractive presentation or seating area.

Attend an exhibition

Book a stand at a trade show, event or exhibition.  Build a fabulous summer-themed display and seating area to attract attention and showcase what you do.


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Artificial Lawns for Hotel Grounds

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

hotel artificial grassIn the hotel and leisure industry, when it comes to the exterior façade of your establishment, there can be no compromise.  Inviting, attractive, immaculately kept grounds and gardens sell, resulting in more bookings and more customers.

Maintenance however, is expensive.  If you have large areas that need tending to, the cost will eat into your profits.  There’s labour, equipment and materials including pesticides, fertilisers, water and electricity.  Have you ever considered going fake?

Artificial lawns are ideal for large properties with extensive grounds in the hospitality industry.  While the initial outlay may by costly, the amount you’ll save on maintenance means you’ll recoup this easily, maybe even within the first year.  There’s no watering, mowing or weeds – just lush green grass that looks stunning all year round.

The latest products are so realistic that your clients may not even notice the difference.  Because it’s so hard wearing and any mess can be hosed down, you could even consider take down some of the ‘keep of the grass’ signs.

As well as cutting costs, installing artificial grass gives you the opportunity to add interesting new features that make your business more sellable.  How about a mini golf course to add to your brochure?  Carpeted balconies so clients feel soft grass under their feet while they relax?  Or, a grassed restaurant terrace that gives you a natural, contemporary look?

For more information, call us on 01371 87 5901.  If you’re an Essex hotel, B&B or guest house, we’ll survey your property and give you a quote free, without any obligation.

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Is your Garden Set for Summer?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Image Credit:

If you’ve not already done so, it’s time to get the garden ready for summer.  This gives you the perfect excuse for a bit of re-vamp.  Here are 5 improvement ideas:

1.  Create a theme

You can have lots of fun by creating an outdoor theme.  Choose chic Mediterranean, trendy Miami-style, rustic bistro, country-cottage, vibrant tropical, or contemporary Oriental.  Your garden probably lends itself to a particular style…just go with it.

2.  Make your space more sociable

You’ll get more out of your garden by creating a space that you actually want to hang out in.  This means lazy lounge chairs, relaxed bench seating, comfy cushions, and a place to keep some glasses and a cork-screw.

3.  Invest in a feature piece

This could be a water fountain, sculpture, gazebo, archway, a tree or feature wall.  It will give your outdoor space a wow factor, adding interest to the landscape and creating a focal point.

4.  Make it low maintenance

Do you see the garden as more of a hassle than place for enjoyment?  You can cut down on the chores with some clever landscaping.  Choose hardy plants that don’t need much TLC.  Gravel borders to stop weeds.  Install artificial grass and forget about mowing and edging.

5.  Plant something you love

Whether its roses, a strawberry plant, an apple tree, or exotic tropical flower, plant something that will make you smile.  Put it in a prime position so you can see it every time you look out the kitchen window.

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The Advantages of an artificial lawn

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Artificial Grass and Home Leisure

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Artificial grass has many uses.  It is preferable to real turf in many applications due to its durability, and to avoid mud.  Here are some details of an interesting install we carried out at a large property in Mountnessing, near Brentwood.

Fake grass pool surroundartificial grass pool surround

Artificial lawn ipool grasss ideal for swimming pool and spa surrounds.  Firstly, you avoid the mud which gets into the water, as well as the house.  It doesn’t require any maintenance, yet always looks immaculate.  Plus, it’s not as slippery as other surfaces so much safer for the kids.  Here, you can see we used black grass which looks striking in this contemporary outdoor area.  It blends with the black tiles on the face of the building and the black aluminium patio door profiles, creating a cool space to relax.

Artificial grass golf coursefake grass tee off areas

The extensive grouartificial grass golfnds at the property gave the owners space to splurge on a little extra luxury.  We turfed a par 3 golf hole and tee-off, using a non-sand filled grass, gluing it down with contact adhesive.  The owners can practice at leisure, come rain or shine.  Using fake grass means none of the associated wear and tear problems of natural turf.  Plus it will always look neat without weeding, trimming or edging.  The serious golfer can improve their handicap at home, or just enjoy a fun game with the family.

If you are tired of pool surround maintenance, we can offer you an affordable solution.  If you’re a golfer who wishes there was a way you could get more practice in, why not contact us for a quote?

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7 Ways to Improve your Garden this Spring

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

garden improvements1. Install artificial grass

A fake lawn will transform your patchy, faded, lack-lustre grass, giving your garden a complete makeover.  Plus, you’ll be free of the chores and maintenance required to keep it neat.

2. Create a sheltered area

This will allow you to get much more use out of your outdoor space and enjoy your garden this summer, even if it rains.  There’s no need to invest in a lavish gazebo, be resourceful – could you create a roofed area with materials from your local DIY store?

3. Add some lighting

Creative, stylish, outdoor lighting can give you an attractive place to dine and entertain after-dark.  Use imaginatively to create ambiance – twinkle lights for romance, cool coloured spot lights for a contemporary space.

4. Form a lounge area

Invest in a garden sofa and coffee table.  Perfect for drinks, light lunches and sitting outside with the newspaper.  Or, make existing areas more comfortable with better quality chair cushions.

5. Upgrade your BBQ

If you’re using a cheap charcoal BBQ, consider investing in a fast gas alternative.  You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor cooking on the spur of the moment – ideal with the changeable UK weather.

6. Grow your own

Dig up a vegetable patch and plant some seeds.  It’s great fun to watch them grow and rewarding when you harvest home-grown produce.  Or, use pots Jamie Oliver style.

7. Add art

Make your garden look more attractive with wall art or sculpture.  Decor and accessories can be used outdoors, just as they are inside.  You can even use the same interior design principles- e.g. add a wall mirror to a courtyard to give the impression of space.

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Fake grass for cafes, restaurants, bistros, bars and beer gardens

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Fake grass beer gardenIn the hospitality industry fake grass can improve the aesthetics of your premises, reduce maintenance costs and create clever garden areas.

Despite the UK weather, al-fresco drinking and dining is becoming much more popular.  We seem to be mimicking our Continental cousins, with outdoor seating areas popping up in high-streets everywhere.  We can assume the smoking ban is also driving behaviour.

Cafes and restaurants are spending thousands on developing elegant outside areas.  The addition of an artificial grass surface can make a dramatic impact, creating an attractive garden-area for customers to enjoy.  If you have a high-street terrace, this is sure to appeal to passers-by.

The material is extremely versatile and can be installed on a variety of surfaces.  For older buildings with courtyard areas or even back yards, it can simply be laid over the existing concrete.  Thus making an attractive area for patrons, that’s soft underfoot.  The addition of a few potted plants and hanging baskets can turn tired, concrete spaces into an oasis.  This has the potential to transform your business.

As well as a decorative feature, fake grass is highly practical.  It’s a durable surface for beer gardens and pubs with children’s pay areas.  Not only will it look neat and attractive all year round, it’s very easy to maintain.  No mowing, watering, muddy patches or scorching and no gardener to pay.  The beauty is, after a busy afternoon, the surface can be hygienically hosed down so it’s always immaculate.

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7 Fake Grass Interior Ideas

Saturday, January 5th, 2013
Fake grass lounge

Image Credit:


This lounge area looks so inviting with the fresh, fake grass carpet.  Natural bamboo furniture, crisp white cushions and potted plants enhance the look.





Indoor Park New York

Image Credit:

Indoor Park

The OpenHouse Gallery in Manhattan launched the world’s first indoor pop-up park last year.   The public space was enjoyed by thousands.





Fake grass indoors

Image Credit:

Chill Out

Create your very own meditation room – a space for relaxation and reflection.  The natural materials give the space an authentic feel, creating a haven at home.





Office with fake grass

Image Credit:

Contemporary Office

Artificial grass is a growing office interior trend.  It can breathe life into a stuffy office building and create the perfect environment for creativity.





Artficial grass lounge

Image Credit:

Hill Hut

This is an extension to a villa in Stockholm.  The artificial grass connects with the natural grass of the outdoor landscape.   The large windows make it seem as if it’s growing through the house.





Fake grass dining room

Image Credit:


Students at this cooking school in Lithuania sit down to tasting sessions in a dining room carpeted with synthetic turf.  They’re encouraged to walk barefoot across the soft grass.





Artificial grass football pitch bedroom

Image Credit:

Children’s Bedroom

Fake grass allows you to create imaginative children’s bedrooms and playrooms.  This fun football themed boy’s bedroom allows the lucky lad to sleep on the pitch.

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5 Fake Grass Gardens for Inspiration

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Fake grass seating area

Image credit: Fresh Dirt

Outdoor Lounge

The fake grass acts as a soft lounge carpet in this modern seating area.  Aesthetically it has broken up the patio and looks neat and crisp against the concrete.  Plus, it will look great without watering, mowing, weeding or awkward edge trimming.





Modern garden in London with fake grass

Image credit:

City Chic

The owners have created an extra room at the bottom of the garden as an extension of their living space.  The artificial grass lawn will stay forever green and is maintenance free.  Maybe this modern home office was previously a shed containing gardening tools, mower and maintenance products.  The fake grass means they’ve freed up the space.




Artificial Grass Play Area

Image credit: HomeKlondike

Contemporary Kids

This compact, modern play area includes a playhouse, swing and climbing frame.  It’s a great example of how to create a small space just for the kids within your garden.  The artificial grass means it will always look fresh and new – without muddy, patchy areas under the swing.





Traditional Garden with Fake Grass

Our install in Essex

English Country Garden

We love this picture because it shows that fake grass can blend in perfectly in a traditional English garden.  You simply cannot tell the difference.  The owners can now concentrate on tending to their plants, flowers and borders in this beautiful, classic suburban garden.





Balcony with artificial grass covering

LeisureTech Project

Brilliant Balcony

We covered this large balcony at a property in Ilford.   With the addition of some comfy reclining chairs or a garden sofa set, residents have a green grass garden to enjoy.  It shows how fake grass can extend the use of your living area.  A concrete floor does not feel inviting – soft grass carpet on the other hand does.

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