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5 Fake Grass Landscaping Ideas

Saturday, April 5th, 2014
1. Terrace lawn
Laying a fake grass carpet on the terrace of this beautiful bedroom has given the space a whole new dimension. Four walls have been opened out to reveal a natural, serene and inviting outdoor space for morning café al fresco.


2. Golf green
You could recreate this beautiful golfers garden and seating area. Enjoy your very own golf putting green and get in loads of extra practice. While friends wait their turn over a cool drink, comfortably seated at the lounge.


3. Rooftop retreat
It doesn’t matter what the space, fake grass can transform your unattractive concrete area into a green oasis. The grass carpet, coupled with some brightly coloured planters and designer garden furniture, has made this roof sublime.


4. Paving patterns
You can get really creative by embedding paving stones into fake grass just like this inspirational design. Not only has this created an attractive feature, it’s ideal for a pool surround with no maintenance, and no mess.


5. Under the trees
Creating this shady haven was made possible through the installation of artificial grass. A natural lawn would be muddy all these trees without any sunlight under. The space is made more inviting with curved bench seating and brightly coloured fabrics.

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4 Ways to Transform your Life with Fake Grass

Friday, March 28th, 2014

garden with fake grass1. Install a golf putting green

According to expert sociologist Malcolm Gladwell it takes 10,000 hours to be a success. In his book The Story of Success, he uses sports stars to back up his theory that practice makes perfect, including Tiger Woods who has been devoted to golf since age 4. Put the hours in on your very own back garden golf green…and be the best.

2. Landscape your concrete courtyard

Turn your small yard from an uninspiring concrete block, into an attractive outdoor room you can use to relax, dine and entertain. Artificial grass carpet can be laid straight on top of concrete. Decorate the walls with some pretty trellis and hanging baskets. Add some outdoor furniture and you’ll have a brand new space in your home to enjoy.

3. Give them a football garden

If you’re a football fan, or have a footie mad family, installing your very own practice area could give you hours and hours of enjoyment. If your garden is already used for play, fake grass will save you an awful lot of hassle too – you can keep a pristine lawn, with no mud and no mess.

4. Say no mow!

Imagine the benefits of a completely maintenance free garden. Artificial grass can give you back precious time at the weekends. You can forget about your grass, throw out your old mower, and you’ll never have to see another weed again. Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbours; advances in technology mean fake turf is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.



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Practice Makes Perfect Putting – Install an Artificial Grass Golf Garden

Saturday, March 8th, 2014
golf putting garden

Golf Putting Garden

Putting is one of the most important skills in golf because it has a dramatic impact on your score.  To be a successful putter takes a consistent stroke, good posture, balance, touch, and confidence. 

There are no strict putting rules; every player has their own unique style.  To be great, you need to find one that works for you, enabling you to deliver a smooth and steadfast stroke every time.  Your own artificial grass putting green like the one we installed at this property in Harlow, Essex (pictured) will help you considerably.

Tiger Woods is considered one of the sport’s best putters.  Since the age of 4, he has worked painstakingly hard to develop the skill.  He remembers one of the most important things his father taught him was to swing back and through at the same speed, describing this as the key to a smooth stroke.  Last year Woods took advice from putting legend Steve Striker who gave him some pointers that would improve his technique.  Striker’s advice was to slightly weaken his left-hand grip.  This worked wonders, resulting in Tiger’s victory at the WGC Cadillac Championship, Doral.   

 “Putting is like wisdom. Partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.” – Arnold Palmer

If you want to be a great putter – practice, practice, practice.  First, analyse where you’re going wrong – if distance control is the problem then use markers to practice hitting the ball at the correct speed.  It helps to experiment with different techniques and try-out other player’s styles.  See what works for you…the options are endless – ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. 

Your own artificial grass golf garden will help you get there in no time.

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Beautify your Balcony with Artificial Grass

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Popular home décor ideas website Houzz has 4156 photo shares of balconies with artificial grass.  These amazing images show how you can enhance any space with versatile fake grass. 

This lush oasis in Miami is one of our favourites – we love the use of the vibrant orange and sky blue fabrics.  It seems we’re not the only one’s either, the picture has been saved to 15,652 ideas books.





An interior design company shared this Mediterranean style patio.  The design feature has been created with slate tiles and crisscrossed strips of artificial grass, demonstrating the interesting design effects you can produce. 





Even the smallest balconies can benefit from a little dressing up.  This small space has been transformed with a little fake grass carpet and a contemporary lounger.






This modern rooftop garden is proof you don’t need soil to create majestic landscapes.  The lawn is huge and looks just like the real thing. 




Modern Deck by Carrollton Landscape Architects & Designers Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Have you ever seen a more inviting space to play chess?  Players can lounge on these stunning rattan chairs, with soft artificial grass underfoot.

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Football Garden in Chelmsford

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Want to encourage the kids to get out more, enjoy the fresh air, forget about the TV, and get some exercise?  Their very own football pitch in the back garden should do the trick.  For children, it’s the stuff dreams are made of, but there are lots of advantages for mum and dad too…no maintenance, no mud and no mess.

If your family is football crazy, give them their very own fake grass football garden.  The image featured here was taken at our latest install in Chelmsford, Essex – an artificial lawn fitted in a family garden, creating the perfect pitch for practice and play.

A lawn that can take the punishment.

Fake grass can withstand the pounding and pummelling it’s subjected to during the beautiful game.  Your lawn will stay looking pristine, so you can enjoy an immaculate garden, no matter how many games they play.  And unlike natural grass, you won’t get worn patches under the goals.

No more mud.

You won’t need to worry about mud anymore.  Your lawn will be a mud-free zone, and you’ll lose the quagmire in the shady area by the shed.  Plus there’ll be no muddy boots to clean, clothes to wash, or footprints on kitchen floor.

Play whatever the weather.

To bring up the next Beckham, you’ve got to start from an early age.  With an artificial lawn, you’ll have an environment to encourage greatness.  Practice makes perfect, and fake grass means they can work on their ball control whatever the weather.


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Featuring our fake grass installations

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Large lawn installed in Felsted

This large garden required a lot of expensive maintenance.  Mowing, weeding, edge trimming, feeding, watering – costs hundreds of pounds per year, even more if you have to employ a gardener to keep it neat for you.  The solution – a fake lawn with permanent striping, looks immaculate with none of the expense.


The opposite problem in Chelmsford

Small lawns can be more hassle than they’re worth.  This small circular grass area was awkward to maintain.  Now, the owners need not give it a second thought.  It will always look perfect without any of the hassle.



Swimming pool surround in Harlow

There’s no need to pave your swimming pool area and lose your garden’s green.  Fake grass is ideal for pool and spa surrounds.  No more muddy feet or grass in the water.  No mowing, edging, or patchy lawn areas to repair.  Just lovely, soft grass.



Lawn installed in Chigwell

A fake lawn can actually give you more space.  You’ll no longer need a shed to house your mower, strimmer and other gardening tools because artificial grass is maintenance free.  You could erect a new summer house in its place.  You get a new room which you can use as a mini gym, home office or just a quiet place to sit and relax.


Grass in West Horndon

Big beautiful trees like these create a problem for the grass below, preventing it from getting the sunlight it needs.  Without the sun to dry it out, it stays wet longer, the damp weakens the grass, and this allows moss to thrive.  A fake lawn means the owners can enjoy an attractive, pristine garden, without worrying about the conditions.


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Enchanting Garden Created with Fake Grass

Friday, November 29th, 2013
Creative Uses for Fake Grass

What could you create with fake grass?

A concrete storage area, between classrooms at a primary school in Cornwall has been transformed into a fairy-tale garden with fake grass.  Nansloe school has just received an award for the inspiring project which has created a magical storytelling garden for pupils.

Brightly painted double doors from the playground set the scene, bearing the words “one upon a time.”  The area features a hobbit house, wooden reading tower, mushroom seating area, castle-themed stage, and faux-pond complete with crocodile and bridge.  It is entirely carpeted in fake grass and covered by a glass canopy, with lighting and a sound-system.

The only one of its kind in the Country, the space cannot qualify for best library as it doesn’t have shelves of books.  However, The School Library Association decided it should receive a special commemorative award for its “’compelling contribution to innovation.”

Designed as place where children can immerse themselves in stories, there’s a throne, mini pirate ship and even costumes so they act out their favourites on the stage.  Teachers use the cosy house inspired by J R Tolkien to read to pupils at story time.  Older kids are encouraged to read independently in the fort or at the fairy area.  On world book day, the garden was decorated as a winter wonderland – while children dressed up as characters from C S Lewis classic Narnia series.

The project has captured the hearts and minds of the community.  A great example of what you can do with a big imagination and a little fake grass.

See pictures of the garden on the website

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How to use Artificial Grass to Market your Business

Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Artificial Grass Carpet

Art Gallery Artificial Grass Carpet

This week the Sidmouth Herald reported that a multi award-winning garden centre have covered their delivery truck in artificial grass.  Something that started out as a staff joke has become seriously good for business.  The grass truck is turning heads wherever it goes and generating lots of attention for the company.  It’s even creating a buzz online; when images of the vehicle’s make-over were first published on Facebook 70 people liked the posts.  You cannot beat publicity like this.

In previous entries, we’ve shown you how artificial grass can be used for window displays and promotional events.   But this clever marketing strategy has got the whole town talking, as well as the local newspapers.  See the artificial grass covered van

Here are some other fun fake grass ideas for businesses:

Store carpeting – it’s hard wearing, attractive and will certainly attract attention.  Perfect if you sell outdoor related clothing, equipment or leisure products.

Seating areas – creating an indoor garden themed seating area at your office or showroom.  Works great as a waiting area, place to sit and chat to clients, or a less formal space to hold meetings.

Grass wall – use as a design feature to add interest to an uninspiring white-walled space, just as designers of the Googleplex did in the company staff room.

Putting green – have a leisure or hospitality business?  Put in an artificial grass putting area for golfers, indoors or out.


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Man Utd Fanatic Turns Living Room into an Artificial Turf Football Pitch

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Last week the Daily Star told the story of Daly Clarke, a 30 year-old, gas engineer from Manchester.  Lifelong MUFC fan Daly has turned his lounge into a tribute to Old Trafford with an artificial grass carpet.  He could no longer justify paying almost £1000 for a season ticket, so decided to watch games on his flat screen TV at home instead.  But it just didn’t feel the same, so he came up with the idea to turf-it.

Clarke remarked that there’s nothing quite like watching the football, with grass underfoot.  Not surprisingly, his 6yr old son loves it, but his wife isn’t so keen.

Read the full story

While an artificial grass football pitch in the living room isn’t for everyone, you can use turf creatively in interior décor.  In a previous post Fake Grass Interior Ideas, we detail 7 different examples of grassy-design.  These include a fun children’s bedroom, a garden-fresh conservatory, and contemporary dining room.

Do you have a spare room you don’t use?

Have you ever thought of redesigning the space and creating something fun?  Grass makes a great floor covering for a home-gym, playroom, or office.  It brings the outside in and gives you a natural canvas to plan a fun theme.

The best thing is it’s practical and can be installed on any level surface.  Spills can be wiped up, it doesn’t stain and it’s hard-wearing.  This is another great advantage for Daly, who now plays host to up to 12 of his friends on match days.

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Office Décor – Skype’s Use of Fake Grass

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
fake grass islands

Credit: Complex .com

Design Blitz have turned an old warehouse in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, into a world-class HQ for Skype.  The company used fake grass in this incredible project to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The 54,000sqft Palo Alto offices support 250 employees.  The challenge was to differentiate Skype from other tech giants operating in the Bay area, ultimately, to aid in the recruitment of the best talent.

Skype believe in the power of the environment to influence thought processes.  The company actively encourages ‘accidental meetings’ for the generation of ideas.  Fake grass is used to create picnic spot style ‘islands’ for spontaneous collaboration.  Giant pebbles, a block of wood and bright chairs are used for low-level, relaxed seating.

The board room is a pod, clad in flavour sticks.  These sticks are added to wine barrels to instil oak flavouring, and were salvaged from local wineries.

The staff games room has a large fake grass covered wall, pool and footballs tables, and two comfortable seating areas.  Six red, retro telephones are mounted in a row, running along the centre of the grass wall.  These are actually safety phones that already existed in the building, cleverly reused as artwork.  Skype is making the landline obsolete, so this makes an interesting and apt design feature.

See more pictures at Design Blitz Skype HQ

The project demonstrates how fake grass can be used creatively in office interior designs.   It can be used as a floor or wall covering to create contemporary spaces that encourage creatively in a relaxed environment.

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