Can you tell the Difference between Fake Grass and Real Grass?

Luxury Fake Grass SampleThe rise in use of fake grass is such that we see it everywhere nowadays. Not just in sporting venues, but in hotel gardens, in play areas, and as domestic lawns, are just a few of the locations that you will find artificial surfaces.

Given the range of colours and textures that are used there is no single signature look for these areas. They all look very different, just as real grass does. It is often almost impossible to tell if the surface you are looking at is real or fake.

Obviously when you are close enough to see the fibres you will be able to tell the difference, but to the naked eye from even a short distance away it is often impossible to say. Of course one key giveaway is that an artificial surface will never have a big muddy patch, or look over-grown and untended as can often happen with real surfaces. You will also never see someone on an artificial surface working it with a garden fork to prevent it from becoming water logged, or pushing a mower over it.

As the manufacturing process behind artificial grass becomes ever more complex, it has developed into a more perfect imitation of grass at its finest. The result is that distinguishing between the two is an increasingly challenging task. If you take a drive around any local area you might be astonished at the number of surfaces that you looked at and thought were real, but are actually artificial.

Our luxury lawn, featured above is multi-textured, with 3 different colour blades and root zone, making it impossible to tell the difference when it’s in situ.

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