With all the great advantages artificial lawns have to offer; it’s no wonder they’re fast becoming the smart alternative to natural turf.  Imagine – no mowing or edging, no weeding or pesticides, no watering or hosepipe bans, no puddles or mud, no patches or scorching.  Convenience and cost count in modern society and artificial grass offers the opportunity to win out where it matters…..

Realistic, Natural Looking Grass

An artificial lawn does not mean compromising on aesthetics or enjoyment.  New technologies and advanced machinery has enabled the creation of superior artificial grass products.  Better design techniques have enabled manufacturers to mimic the structure of natural grass.  Advances in production have enabled denser weaves and better stitch quality.  Higher end products are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, with multi-tones and textures just like real grass.  Not only does it look real, but it feels real too; with a soft, natural finish so you can enjoy your lawn.

Safe for All the Family

They offer a safe, clean environment for all the family.   Children can enjoy a soft, cushioned play area and fake grass lawns can reduce symptoms for allergy sufferers.  There’s no need to store and treat your lawn with potentially harmful chemicals, fertilisers or weed killers either.  It is cleaner and more hygienically safe; simply be wash down with soapy water.  Pet mess can hygienically cleaned and owners no longer need to worry about what their dogs are getting up to in the garden.

Maintenance Free

Surely, you’d rather spend your time relaxing the garden, not maintaining it?  An artificial lawn will eliminate maintenance – no more giving up your evenings and weekends for mowing, watering or weeding.  You can enjoy garden instead of it being a chore.  This is ideal for elderly people or anyone not physically able to mow their lawn.  Artificial grass is a great solution for those who are not always onsite to look after their garden too.  If you have a holiday cottage or second home you’ll never need to worry about maintenance again.

No Weeds

You never need be annoyed by those pesky weeds that pop-up, the day after you’ve mowed the lawn. Your grass will always be perfectly manicured, neat and trim with absolutely no weeding necessary.  There’s no need to buy weed killing products either which will save you money as well as time.

No Watering

There’s no need to feel guilty for not watering your lawn and waking up to find it’s dried out and turned yellow.  Complex sprinkler systems and hose pipe bans will be a thing of the past.  You’ll save money on your water bills too.  If you’re on a water meter – this can really add up, accounting for 50-70% of your consumption in the summer months.


Artificial grass is hardwearing and durable for families.  No pathways will be created from heavy use.  The lawn can be enjoyed without getting worn down from ball games, slides or swing-sets.  Even clothing will last longer without those stubborn grass stains.

No Fading or Discolouration

No uneven, patchy, discoloured or scorched grass; you’ll have a lush green lawn throughout the year.

Natural Drainage

It is like bringing the indoors outside.  You can benefit from no puddles, mud or mess thanks to enhanced drainage.  Tiny holes in the backing facilitate drainage which is especially beneficial for a pool or spa surround.

Help the Environment

By using less energy and water, you’ll benefit the environment.  Shockingly, running a petrol lawnmower for an hour is the equivalent of a 100 mile car trip; electric powered mowers are energy guzzlers too.

In Business

For commercial entities, artificial grass reduces overheads; with the potential to save thousands on maintenance costs alone.  Businesses can reduce staff costs, equipment, chemicals and energy bills.  Green areas in leisure, hotel and spa complexes will be more attractive with low maintenance.  Communal areas in office buildings will be immaculately kept, all year round.  This will enhance the façade and public image of the business and always create a great first impression.  It also improves the working environment for employees.

Artificial Grass Gives You The
Following Benefits

  • Realistic, Natural Looking lawn
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Weeds
  • Hardwearing
  • No fading or discoloring
  • Natural Drainage
  • Artificial Grass is fast
    becoming the real alternative
    to grass, and it is easy to see

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    proud sponsors of Warner’s
    Farm roundabout on the
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    The Process

    Leisure Tech fitters are highly skilled and experienced. Work is carried out with pride, attention to detail and care. Only the finest materials are used for a successful installation that will stand the test of time. Here’s a brief overview of what we do;

    The old grass is removed.
    The area is leveled and a hard core base is laid and compacted.
    A geo textile membrane is placed on top to prevent weeds.
    Grass is rolled out, put into position and nailed down.
    Seams are joined and edges are trimmed.
    Sand and rubber are brushed into the lawns, this helps to weigh it down and gives it a softer feel.

    "Have your new artificial lawn fitted by the Olympic Hockey pitch installation team"