Artificial lawn care in the snow

Snow-covered-lawnThe last time we had snow, we had several enquiries from home owners worried about their artificial lawn.  This weekend, some parts of the country are a metre deep and conditions are continuing to cause chaos.

If you’ve got a fake lawn, don’t worry…all that snow will melt away normally. 

People tend to have problems with inferior artificial grass products that don’t have sufficient drainage.  I.e. the product is impermeable and doesn’t have enough holes to let the water through.

A poor install with incorrect use of materials can also affect the lawns ability to drain water.  Using the wrong type of sand for in-fill can be detrimental as it can cause blockages to form which means your lawn may get flooded.

This is only in extreme cases.  However, it shows the importance if using an experienced, qualified fitter.

Removal tips

If you can, it’s better to let the snow melt and disappear naturally.  If you want to remove it or create a pathway through your garden, care should be taken to avoid breaking the fibres which may be frozen underneath.

The best advice is to carefully remove the top layer, leaving about an inch on the surface.  Let nature take its course it should dissipate on its own fairly quickly.

If you must remove it down to the grass surface, be careful.  Don’t use anything with sharp edges as this may damage the actually carpet itself.  Use a plastic shovel to avoid damage to the fibres, then a soft brush to remove the rest.  If the surface is frozen it’s best not to attempt this at all.

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