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The Daily Post reported that Mostyn Champneys Retail Park in Llandudno have installed artificial grass on verges to prevent mud and the area looking attractive all year round.

Commercial property experts Savills, are car park managers at Mostyn Champneys.  They took the decision to lay the turf in order to ‘preserve the greenery throughout the year.’

A spokesperson went onto say that around 60% of Britain’s retail parks use artificial turf because it saves money, stays green and prevents muddy footprints in stores.  The reporter asks – “is it verging on the ridiculous, or is it common sense?”

It’s common sense of course.  Artificial grass is the ideal solution for commercial property owners and council departments with green areas to maintain.  Just ask Bourton on the Water council, the Cotswold beauty spot uses fake grass and now saves over £1000 per year on patching up threadbare areas.

The whole point of having the greenery in the first place, is so built-up, industrial areas look more attractive.  But grass doesn’t stay attractive without costly maintenance – watering, feeding, mowing, edging, reseeding.  In a recession many organizations are looking to save money.  By investing in fake grass, the areas stay green and tidy, and the property owner or manager saves on costs.

The UK gets a lot of rain which isn’t necessarily good for grass, especially in areas where drainage is poor.  Verges turn into mud baths; this is not good in high-traffic areas.  Firstly, people don’t want mud on their shoes, or in their cars, and secondly it’s dangerous.  When it comes to retail parks, artificial turf actually has more advantages than the real thing.

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