Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

Artificial grass Tennis Court

Leisure Tech Tennis Court Install

Tennis clubs are increasingly opting for artificial grass courts.  The main reason is the enhanced drainage they provide, allowing practice and play all year round.  While other surfaces are prone to water-logging, flooding and algae, the permeability of fake grass means such problems are vastly reduced.

Synthetic surfaces are medium to fast paced, providing consistent bounce and good response to all types of spin. They offer excellent traction in all weather conditions, with good comfort underfoot.  Courts are suitable for all levels of play.

Artificial grass is aesthetically pleasing and often indistinguishable from natural grass, with the benefit of improved durability.  Maintenance costs are significantly reduced – no mowing, watering, weed-control or re-seeding.  Plus, your tennis shoes stay clean.

Tennis is definitely catching up with other sports that embrace 3G pitches.  A major safety concern is skin abrasion but modern products are designed to be just as safe as the real thing.  Sceptics should take a look at previous post about the first professional UK rugby game played on an artificial pitch.

The renovation of old tennis courts is simple and relatively inexpensive too.  The material can be installed on an existing sub-base which helps to keep the costs down.  Old, contaminated surfaces can be removed, along with moss and algae problems.

The featured image is a court Leisure Tech Lawns installed at Westerham in Kent.  We have been involved in many tennis projects – a private roof-top court in Jersey and professional courts for a club in Bexley, London.

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