At Leisure Tech Lawns we like to keep it simple.  We offer fully inclusive artificial grass prices for the product itself, installation, materials, equipment and labour.  We can install your new lawn from just £45 per sqm inc v.a.t

Size in Sqm

To get an idea of how much your artificial lawn will cost, you’ll need to calculate the surface area of your lawn in square meters.  A square or rectangular garden is easy to work out, simply multiple the longest length by the longest width.  As a rough guide, you can also do this for oval gardens too.  For an L-shaped area, split up into 2 rectangles and add together.  Triangular, circular and other irregular shapes can be trickier – it is recommended to obtain an accurate quotation.

Leisure Tech Lawns offer free artificial grass quotes, call and speak to a member of the team on 01371 875901, or email

The Cost of DIY Lawns

Artificial grass prices must incorporate the cost of fitting the product.  Leisure Tech Lawns offer a complete service and do not recommend DIY artificial grass installs.  Despite what some retailers may have you believe, it is a highly skilled job; preparation, drainage, sloping and edging must be considered.   Unless you’ve had previous experience we do not recommend attempting it yourself.  You may think you’re saving on labour costs but installation mistakes can be extremely expensive to rectify.

If you’re opting for a product because it comes with a good guarantee, be wary of self-fitting.  The warranty may become void in cases where incorrect or poor installation can be blamed for the deterioration of the product.  For instance – if the ground isn’t perfectly level when the grass is installed, it can cause weak points that are under strain which will wear easily.  While you may save money initially – you could end up losing out considerably in the long term.

Installation Materials

When comparing prices, here are just some of the extras you’ll need to include into the costing of a DIY install.

Preventing Undergrowth – Heavy duty Geotex membrane underlay is necessary to stop weeds and pests penetrating the artificial lawn.

Joining – You’ll need a good quality all weather glue and strong tape to bind joints together in installation.

Sand Infill – Avoid cheap kiln dried silica sand because it is not free draining and will clog up overtime.  s4 sports sand or synthetic sports dressing sand has no fine particles, grains ranging from 1mm down to 0.5mm so rain water is free to pass through without becoming clogged up.

Concrete Base – In areas with poor drainage, a base of type 1 crushed concrete is recommended. In fact, we do this as standard in all our installations for longer lasting lawns.

Drainage Underlay – Is necessary for installs on concrete or solid surfaces to allow water to escape.

Once you add on all the extra materials and equipment such as infill sand, adhesives, tape and tools; the price per meter sq goes up considerably.

Leisure Tech has been installing artificial lawns in Essex since 2002.  You can let us take care of everything; with competitive prices from £45 per sqm inc v.a.t.  Our service includes supply, fitting and after-care.  We cover the whole of Essex and its neighbouring counties.  Free surveys and quotes are available by calling 01371 875901, or email

Artificial Grass Gives You The
Following Benefits

  • Realistic, Natural Looking lawn
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Weeds
  • Hardwearing
  • No fading or discoloring
  • Natural Drainage
  • Artificial Grass is fast
    becoming the real alternative
    to grass, and it is easy to see

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    proud sponsors of Warner’s
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    The Process

    Leisure Tech fitters are highly skilled and experienced. Work is carried out with pride, attention to detail and care. Only the finest materials are used for a successful installation that will stand the test of time. Here’s a brief overview of what we do;

    The old grass is removed.
    The area is leveled and a hard core base is laid and compacted.
    A geo textile membrane is placed on top to prevent weeds.
    Grass is rolled out, put into position and nailed down.
    Seams are joined and edges are trimmed.
    Sand and rubber are brushed into the lawns, this helps to weigh it down and gives it a softer feel.

    "Have your new artificial lawn fitted by the Olympic Hockey pitch installation team"