9 Questions to Ask when Choosing an Artificial Grass Supplier

Can I see a sample?

Never buy grass from a photograph, always see a sample.  Quality ranges from fake looking green-grocer-mat, to state-of-the-art turf that feels exactly like the real thing.

Where can I view your work?

It’s always better to see the grass laid, rather than looking at a small square sent through the post.  It will give you a much better idea of what your lawn will look like.  Plus, you can evaluate the quality of installation.

What does the price include?

Most companies will give you a price per square meter, but what exactly does that include?  VAT, shipping, installation, materials, labour?

How long is the product guaranteed for?

This will vary depending on the quality.  When you’re comparing quotes bear this in mind.  Something that costs a little more, but should last twice a long is a much better deal.

How should I maintain the grass to keep it in good condition?

Find out exactly what maintenance is required, what to do and what not to do.

Can I see the warranty terms and conditions?

Find out exactly what’s covered.  This is important, especially if you’re considering self-fit – any mistakes you make could void your warranty.

How will you install the grass?

Make sure the company use proper installation methods.  For example, we use a crushed hard core base for good drainage in every installation, others may not.

Who will carry out the work?

Make sure a qualified, experienced fitter will install the grass.  Problems can occur during installation and so you need to make sure someone with expertise is present to manage the project.

What insurance do you carry?

Make sure the fitter’s have adequate insurance in case of accidents or injury.

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