5 Low Maintenance Garden Landscaping Ideas

low maintenance garden1.  Install a fake lawn

Mowing, watering, feeding and weeding your grass is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of your garden upkeep.  While you may not even consider switching to ugly paving slabs, have you thought about artificial grass?  The only solution that gives you an immaculate, maintenance free lawn.

2.  Automated watering systems

A real time saver, you won’t need to waste 20 minutes a day standing there with a hose or watering can.  A good sprinkler systems does a better job too as coverage is more even.

3.  Go evergreen

Choose plants that don’t lose their leaves and save yourself the chore of raking and tidying.  Plus, your garden will look attractive all year round, with lush green plants and trees.  Conifer, Yew trees, Box shrub and Rhododendron are some of the best.

4. Take steps to prevent weeds

Use ground cover plants in between feature plants.  These will prevent weed growth and add more texture and interest to your borders and beds.  Alternatively, put down mulch or gravel.  While stone is more expensive that wood or bark chips, it is the most successful and will save you hours.

5.  Grow healthy plants

If your plants are strong and hardy, you won’t need to waste time on diagnosis and treatments.  Get a garden survey, or DIY with testing equipment available online.   Find out what the best plants are for your soil type and conditions and buy hardy, low maintenance species.

Check out the RHS plant selector tool

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