4 Fake Grass Myths De-bunked

0891. Artificial grass looks tacky

When you think of fake grass, images of green grocer type mats in your local convenience store may come to mind.  This is not how modern grass products look.  These days fake lawns are almost undistinguishable from the real thing.  Advances in technology means grass has evolved, machinery creates products with multiple types of fibres, with different textures and colours.  So, it’s ultra-realistic and even feels real under foot.

2.  Plastic grass is not good for the environment

The debate as to whether producing plastic grass creates more carbon emissions than maintaining natural grass has been going on for decades.  Some evidence has highlighted concerns about production, but today most manufacturers use recyclable materials.  Other research has found that natural grass maintenance has a far greater environmental impact.  E.g. the EPA calculated that Americans use 800 million gallons of fuel per year in petrol-powered lawn mowers.

3. Fitting an artificial lawn can cause drainage problems

This is not true.  Grass carpet has millions of tiny little holes that allow water to flow freely.  This is installed on a base of crushed hard-core to allow water to continue its journey into the soil.  It can actually enhance drainage, make rain water disappear faster, and prevent your lawn from getting water-logged.  Issues only occur when products are not installed correctly.

4. Installation is easy

While many companies will have you believe that fitting is a piece of cake…it isn’t.  It is a skilled landscaping job, and requires the correct materials.  If you’re not very experienced, it’s much better to get a professional fitter.  You’ll probably find there’s not much difference in price when you account for all the equipment you’d have to buy.  If you are an experienced DIYer, you may be up to the challenge but before you leap, make sure you get accurate advice about the process.  Buying the right materials is critical, the type of sand you use is important because some varieties can lead blockages and drainage problems.


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