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Artificial Grass for Small Gardens

Friday, December 27th, 2013

fake grass in a small gardenThere’s a lot of hassle involved in keeping grass, and unfortunately it doesn’t matter what the surface area.  If you’ve got a small garden, you’ve probably threatened to gravel it over many times – questioning whether it’s worth it for such a small patch of greenery.

Is there really any point?

To keep your small grass area neat, it takes a lot of work.  You dig out the extension lead, unlock the shed, haul out the mower…then start to cut.  Yet you only run over the grass for a few steps, before you have to turn round and go back again.

Little, yet often

The smaller the space, the less you can get away with.   Just a few weeds can make it look like a jungle – so you have to work on it more often.  Even if you’ve only neglected it for a couple of weeks, your garden will always look worse than a larger plot.

No room for a shed

Having a lawn becomes problematic if you’ve nowhere to store your maintenance equipment.  If your garden is really small, you may lose a significant proportion by installing a shed to store a lawn mower, tools, pesticides, and fertilisers to keep you lawn looking good.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for small gardens.  It’s maintenance free and looks pristine all year round.  You get to keep a lush green grass garden, with none of the practical problems you get with the real thing.

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Chicken Run Grass

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Credit: Rondeel

Keeping chickens in the back garden has become hugely popular in the UK.  According to statistics 700,000 people now keep hens at home – numbers have risen by around 80 per cent in just a few years.  This is thought to be due to increased awareness about intensive poultry farming after highly publicised campaigns spearheaded by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver.  Rearing your own hens is fun and you get to eat eggs like a king.

Chickens are highly intelligent and don’t like to be cooped-up – so they need a nice big run to stay happy and healthy.  Healthy hens cost less to keep, and produce more eggs.  10-12 square feet of outside space per bird is considered minimum, but it’s recommended to give them as much space as you can.  Unfortunately, this can be extremely detrimental to your lawn.

The biggest problem is mud.  A few hens can devastate natural grass garden inside a few weeks – it simply isn’t tough enough to withstand the daily activities of poultry.  It is quickly worn down and turns to a mud bath when it rains – so many owners are turning to artificial grass to solve the problem.

Artificial grass is tough enough to withstand free-roaming, scratching and pecking, providing a safe and superior living environment for hens.  With the added advantage it can be cleaned hygienically with a garden hose.   It’s even being used in poultry farming.  Animal-friendly, agriculture innovators Rondeel, use astro-turf in their state of the art system, used in poultry houses in the Netherlands.  Their studies have shown that hens don’t care whether the grass is real or not; they behave very naturally on artificial grass.

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Hard landscaping vs. Artificial Grass

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Artificial Lawn in EssexAre you looking to re-design your garden to lessen the amount of maintenance required?  If so, you’re probably carefully considering whether to go for paving, gravel, decking or one of many other hard landscaping solutions.  But have you considered the benefits of artificial grass?  Here’s a quick comparison:


While a contemporary paved space may be what you originally had in mind for your garden – will it really be the same without grass?  Why choose concrete when you can have a lush, evergreen lawn?


Fake grass is almost maintenance free – no mowing, edge-trimming, weeding, watering or feeding.  All that’s required is regular brushing, you can also hoover and hose down if required, making it much the same as paving.


This is difficult to compare because it depends on the type of design you’re looking at – block paving, multiple decked areas, or decorative gravel.  To give you an idea LeisureTech Lawns offer an inclusive price for the grass, labour, and materials of £45 per square metre.


Synthetic grass installations are fairly simple and relatively quick – much more straightforward than many types of hard landscaping.


Concrete is cold and hard.  It doesn’t feel good under foot, and you cannot lie out on it on a sunny day.  Good quality artificial grass is soft, bouncy and feels just like the real thing.  It’s great for children and pets allowing you to enjoy your garden more.

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Artificial Grass in Schools

Friday, December 6th, 2013

artificial grass school pitchAfter our post last week, featuring the fabulous story garden created at a Cornwall primary school, we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk about some of the more practical benefits of artificial grass in schools.

Fake grass or astro turf can be used for general play areas, sports fields, pitches and even indoor facilities.  It has many advantages.

The most obvious is that maintenance is minimal – no mowing, weeding, edge trimming, watering or feeding – grass just requires the occasional brushing to keep it in good condition.  This has the potential to save schools lots of money over a year.  As well as relieving the burden from Caretakers.

General recreation

Old tarmac recreation areas in inner-city schools look depressing and can be dangerous.   If a child falls on a synthetic grass surfaces they’re a lot less likely to be hurt.

Playing fields

No natural grass means no mud.  This means no footprints in the halls, no soiled uniforms for parents to wash.  It’s also an important safety benefit.  When grass gets worn, mud patches are created and there’s a danger of slipping.

Sports pitches

Astro turf can be used for a range of sports including football and hockey.  This benefits schools, just as it does sports clubs, allowing year round play.  Children get more practice, learn more skills and fewer match need to be cancelled due to bad weather.

Play areas

Artificial grass is a clean, safe and attractive covering for play areas.  With shock absorbent padding underneath, it achieves a critical fall height 1.2m to meet regulations.

LeisureTech Lawns have installed artificial grass at a number of schools in the local area.  The above picture was a multi sports pitch we created for a School in Fawkham, Kent.  For help and advice, or to book your free survey call us on 01371 87 5901.

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