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9 Questions to Ask when Choosing an Artificial Grass Supplier

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Can I see a sample?

Never buy grass from a photograph, always see a sample.  Quality ranges from fake looking green-grocer-mat, to state-of-the-art turf that feels exactly like the real thing.

Where can I view your work?

It’s always better to see the grass laid, rather than looking at a small square sent through the post.  It will give you a much better idea of what your lawn will look like.  Plus, you can evaluate the quality of installation.

What does the price include?

Most companies will give you a price per square meter, but what exactly does that include?  VAT, shipping, installation, materials, labour?

How long is the product guaranteed for?

This will vary depending on the quality.  When you’re comparing quotes bear this in mind.  Something that costs a little more, but should last twice a long is a much better deal.

How should I maintain the grass to keep it in good condition?

Find out exactly what maintenance is required, what to do and what not to do.

Can I see the warranty terms and conditions?

Find out exactly what’s covered.  This is important, especially if you’re considering self-fit – any mistakes you make could void your warranty.

How will you install the grass?

Make sure the company use proper installation methods.  For example, we use a crushed hard core base for good drainage in every installation, others may not.

Who will carry out the work?

Make sure a qualified, experienced fitter will install the grass.  Problems can occur during installation and so you need to make sure someone with expertise is present to manage the project.

What insurance do you carry?

Make sure the fitter’s have adequate insurance in case of accidents or injury.

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Man Utd Fanatic Turns Living Room into an Artificial Turf Football Pitch

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Last week the Daily Star told the story of Daly Clarke, a 30 year-old, gas engineer from Manchester.  Lifelong MUFC fan Daly has turned his lounge into a tribute to Old Trafford with an artificial grass carpet.  He could no longer justify paying almost £1000 for a season ticket, so decided to watch games on his flat screen TV at home instead.  But it just didn’t feel the same, so he came up with the idea to turf-it.

Clarke remarked that there’s nothing quite like watching the football, with grass underfoot.  Not surprisingly, his 6yr old son loves it, but his wife isn’t so keen.

Read the full story

While an artificial grass football pitch in the living room isn’t for everyone, you can use turf creatively in interior décor.  In a previous post Fake Grass Interior Ideas, we detail 7 different examples of grassy-design.  These include a fun children’s bedroom, a garden-fresh conservatory, and contemporary dining room.

Do you have a spare room you don’t use?

Have you ever thought of redesigning the space and creating something fun?  Grass makes a great floor covering for a home-gym, playroom, or office.  It brings the outside in and gives you a natural canvas to plan a fun theme.

The best thing is it’s practical and can be installed on any level surface.  Spills can be wiped up, it doesn’t stain and it’s hard-wearing.  This is another great advantage for Daly, who now plays host to up to 12 of his friends on match days.

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Office Décor – Skype’s Use of Fake Grass

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
fake grass islands

Credit: Complex .com

Design Blitz have turned an old warehouse in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, into a world-class HQ for Skype.  The company used fake grass in this incredible project to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The 54,000sqft Palo Alto offices support 250 employees.  The challenge was to differentiate Skype from other tech giants operating in the Bay area, ultimately, to aid in the recruitment of the best talent.

Skype believe in the power of the environment to influence thought processes.  The company actively encourages ‘accidental meetings’ for the generation of ideas.  Fake grass is used to create picnic spot style ‘islands’ for spontaneous collaboration.  Giant pebbles, a block of wood and bright chairs are used for low-level, relaxed seating.

The board room is a pod, clad in flavour sticks.  These sticks are added to wine barrels to instil oak flavouring, and were salvaged from local wineries.

The staff games room has a large fake grass covered wall, pool and footballs tables, and two comfortable seating areas.  Six red, retro telephones are mounted in a row, running along the centre of the grass wall.  These are actually safety phones that already existed in the building, cleverly reused as artwork.  Skype is making the landline obsolete, so this makes an interesting and apt design feature.

See more pictures at Design Blitz Skype HQ

The project demonstrates how fake grass can be used creatively in office interior designs.   It can be used as a floor or wall covering to create contemporary spaces that encourage creatively in a relaxed environment.

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The Easy Way to Create a Rooftop Garden

Friday, August 2nd, 2013
rooftop garden artificial grass

Credit: Freshome

If you’re researching the possibility of landscaping your roof, it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth.  But creating your roof-top oasis doesn’t have to be difficult…the easy solution is to use artificial grass.  It can be installed quickly and inexpensively, straight on top of concrete.

You can forget about practical considerations like whether the structure can take the weight of the soil, or where to put the lawn mower.  Artificial turf will give you a lush green lawn anywhere, with none of the hassle.  It will stay this way too, without any maintenance.  So there’s no need to worry about upkeep, watering or weeding.

Once your turf is installed you can design and decorate your newfound outdoor space.  Whether you want something sleek and contemporary, or elegant and traditional you’ll have a blank lawned canvas to work with.

  • Use planters, pots, hanging baskets and stands to introduce trees, plants and flowers.
  • Create a pathway with decorative patio stones.
  • Add designer outdoor lighting to set the mood.
  • Purchase outdoor lounge furniture to create a seating area.
  • Add colour with vibrant cushions, throws and accessories.
  • Decorate the walls with climbing plants or wall-art.
  • Build/buy a storage cupboard to keep all your essentials – corkscrew, suntan lotion, BBQ utensils.
  • Make it more private with clever screening.

LeisureTechLawns have completed many projects on rooftops, patios, balconies terraces, and courtyards.  If you’d like a quote for professional installation of artificial grass, call us on 01371 87 5901.

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