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Revamp your Garden this Spring with a Maintenance Free Artificial Lawn

Friday, March 29th, 2013

garden with artificial lawnHappy Easter from everyone at Leisure Tech Lawns. 

Weather permitting, many of you will be pottering in your gardens over the bank holiday weekend.  Surveying the winter damage and devising a plan to get your outdoor space ready for the barbeque season.

Weeding, tidying and planting some spring bulbs (or even a small vegetable plot) is a great way to spend the Easter break.  You can involve the kids too.

How’s your lawn looking?

Rain and snow can play havoc on your lawn, and we’ve all had our fair share of that this winter.  Water logging, muddy patches, bare patches, pathways from the back door to the washing line – grass does not like extreme conditions.

Before you start to re-seed consider the benefits of an artificial lawn.

Evergreen and maintenance free

On the contrary, artificial grass is tough enough to withstand harsh conditions.  Your lawn will stay pristine all year round; free from mud, bare spots, scorching, and pests.

The best thing is you get an immaculate lawn without any of the work.  There’s no need to waste your free time mowing, edging, weeding or watering.

You’ll save money on water and electricity too.  Watering is wasteful and costly and lawn mowers guzzle electric.

Artificial lawn cost

You can enjoy the benefits of fake grass from just £45 per sqm.  Leisure Tech’s price is inclusive of all materials, labour and VAT.   The beautiful garden featured above is part of our gallery; a project we completed in Hockley.  Can you tell the difference?

We offer free surveys for home owners in Essex and surrounding counties.  Call 01371 875901 to book.

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Artificial lawn care in the snow

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Snow-covered-lawnThe last time we had snow, we had several enquiries from home owners worried about their artificial lawn.  This weekend, some parts of the country are a metre deep and conditions are continuing to cause chaos.

If you’ve got a fake lawn, don’t worry…all that snow will melt away normally. 

People tend to have problems with inferior artificial grass products that don’t have sufficient drainage.  I.e. the product is impermeable and doesn’t have enough holes to let the water through.

A poor install with incorrect use of materials can also affect the lawns ability to drain water.  Using the wrong type of sand for in-fill can be detrimental as it can cause blockages to form which means your lawn may get flooded.

This is only in extreme cases.  However, it shows the importance if using an experienced, qualified fitter.

Removal tips

If you can, it’s better to let the snow melt and disappear naturally.  If you want to remove it or create a pathway through your garden, care should be taken to avoid breaking the fibres which may be frozen underneath.

The best advice is to carefully remove the top layer, leaving about an inch on the surface.  Let nature take its course it should dissipate on its own fairly quickly.

If you must remove it down to the grass surface, be careful.  Don’t use anything with sharp edges as this may damage the actually carpet itself.  Use a plastic shovel to avoid damage to the fibres, then a soft brush to remove the rest.  If the surface is frozen it’s best not to attempt this at all.

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The Wettest Year Ever – Artificial Grass and Drainage

Saturday, March 16th, 2013
artificial grass - the solution for waterlogged lawns

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2012 was the UK’s second wettest year since records began over a century ago.

It was actually England’s wettest but less rain in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland meant the UK average marginally missed top spot.

After a bright start to the year, the deluge began in April and never stopped.  Flooding caused chaos throughout the summer months.

As an artificial grass company – one of our main USPs is that a fake lawn can save you money on the cost of watering.

In the last 5 years, due to the UK’s changing weather patterns, this selling factor has become laughable.  Consumers are now more interested in drainage.

One thing your garden needs in a country with increasing rainfall and frequent floods, is adequate drainage. Did you know that artificial grass can be beneficial if you have drainage problems?

Fake lawns provide enhanced drainage; rain water will disappear faster, preventing waterlogging.  As standard, our artificial lawns are installed on top of a base of crushed hard-core.  The grass carpet has millions of tiny holes so water runs through freely.

If you have a problem with drainage whereby pools collect on parts of your lawn, we can even install a suitable solution when we excavate.

Artificial grass also means your garden will be free from mud.  You won’t get muddy foot prints on the kitchen tiles, or worse – your cream lounge carpet.  This means kids (and pets) can enjoy the garden this summer without the hassle, whether it’s been raining or not.


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High altitude artificial football pitch

Friday, March 8th, 2013
artificial grass pitch in the Alps

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Swiss team FC Gspon have the highest football stadium in Europe.  At 2,000m (6,560ft) above sea level, it’s so high that grass won’t grow so they had to opt for an artificial pitch.

Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium is located high in the Swiss Alps, near the resort of Zermatt.  There are no roads so players and supporters take the cable car up the mountain from a nearby village.  While access may be poor, the upside is that the views are specular.

The high altitude pitch is yet another amazing application for fake grass.  As altitude increases, the climate changes and the air becomes colder and drier.  These conditions are unsuitable for growing natural grass.  The grass cannot take root sufficiently so would not be strong enough to cope with play.  The only solution: an artificial pitch that can withstand any climate.

It is a common problem in Colorado; citizens grow hardier, hybrid grass species and seed at certain times of the year.  This wouldn’t be an option for a professional football facility.

Readers may remember the controversy in 2007 where Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia were banned from hosting world-cup qualifiers as an altitude of 2,500m gave acclimatised players an unfair advantage.  After much protesting, FIFA were forced to back down.

Bolivia’s Estadio Hernando Siles is the highest in the World at 3,577m above sea level.  The highest in the UK is The Hawthorns at 552ft – West Bromwich Albion also play on an artificial grass pitch.


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