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5 Fabulous fake grass window displays

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Fake grass is a versatile tool that can be used to market products in a retail environment.  Whether what you’re selling is related to the outdoors or not, you can use it for seasonal promos from Easter Eggs to summer fashion.  Here are 5 of the best retail displays.

Harvey Nicholsfake grass counter top display

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance is showcased at Harvey Nics in this counter-top display complete with pastel daisies and pink lollipops which give it a real spring feel.




designer clothes artficial grass displayRalph Lauren

Polo RL is an iconic label oozing sophistication and style.  The window display is subtle and classy; the fake grass gives it an inviting, outdoor feel.





lingerie chain fake grass displayBoux Avenue

This lingerie chain are celebrating summer in style.  The bright, cheery display complements their fun, vibrant underwear collection, setting them apart from the competition.




artificial grass summer window displayMiu Miu

These designer accessories from Prada are scattered amongst a fake summer meadow.  The scene gives off a real fun vibe – kicking off your heels and laying on the soft grass.




ladies fashion grass retail displaySears

US department chain Sears created this display especially for ladies that lunch.  The coral outfit looks great against the artificial grass backdrop.

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How to find the best artificial grass prices

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Groundworks for installing artificial grassHere’s how a budget conscious consumer typically shops for artificial grass:

1.  Find the best artificial grass supplier in terms of price and quality online, after scouring discount retailer websites or using ebay.  Measure up and order the estimated amount in square meters.

2.  Take a trip to B&Q to buy all the extra equipment needed for the install, glue, tape, sharp knives and sand to weigh the grass down and keep it in position.

3.  In the case of large areas, that are seriously uneven, some will find a contractor to do the groundwork.  Others buy the materials such as sand to form a level surface from a local specialist and do it themselves.  Both can be extremely costly.

Things to keep in mind

The cheapest artificial grass can be bought from around £9 a square meter.  While this may seem brilliant, as with everything else, you only get what you pay for.  Apart from the fact it might looks like it’s come from a green grocer display, budget fake grass can cause  lots of problems later on.

Firstly it’s not as hard wearing, poor weaves mean fibres may fall out and you’ll end up with bare patches in high traffic areas.  You also need to consider whether it allows free drainage to avoid giant pools developing in your garden.

Many people fail to realise that there will be a lot of extras required and the initial price of £9 per sqm, can end up costing much, much more.

Once you bought all the tools, equipment and materials to do the job, you may as well have had a professional company come in to fit it.  You will save time, hassle and the total cost is unlikely to be much different.  Leisure Tech Lawns install for just £45 per sqm, this includes all groundwork, materials and labour.

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Why installing artificial grass is more difficult than it looks

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Problems when installing artificial lawnsAround half of all artificial lawns laid in the UK are done so independently, rather than through a professional installer.  At Leisure Tech, we do not recommend self-installation of artificial grass.  While it may seem simple at first, there’s a lot more to it than you may think.  Poor installs can lead to all sorts of problems later on.

It’s vital to ensure that turf is laid on a completely level surface.  For example, if you’re installing on concrete paving you will need a base to level it off.  If it isn’t the turf will be under strain at certain points and will wear easily.

Synthetic grass is difficult to install on sloped areas.  It is hard to anchor it properly and without professional help, your sand base could end up being washed away, collecting at the bottom of the incline.

Using the right materials is key to a successful synthetic lawn.   Many retailerslevelling the ground ready to lay artificial grass say to use kiln dried silica sand to weigh the carpet down which is available from most DIY stores.  However, this is not free draining.  After time, it will clog up as the particles are too fine, thus causing moss and weed problems.

Like carpet, artificial grass has a directional pile.  When fitting, it’s all got to run the same way or your lawn will end up looking messy and unnatural.

Edges must be closely butted up and glued together with joining tape.  While suppliers will give you plenty of information to help you do this, it is a skilled task.  The best results are only achieved through years of experience.

Poor self-install can void any warranty you have on your artificial grass.  A 10 year guarantee may sound fantastic but this is only valid if the product is fitted correctly.

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What to do about lawn problems

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

grass lawn with mossWeeds

Dandelion, buttercups, daisies will ruin the look of your lawn as they spread like wildfire when left untreated.  Find yourself a lawn treatment that will kill weeds, without damaging the grass.  Watch out for worm casts (deposits of mud) as they allow weed seeds to germinate.


Mosses are very resilient and can take a lot of work to get rid of.  Apply a mosskiller and spike the lawn, this will help to enhance drainage, moss thrives in damp conditions.  Feed the lawn regularly to improve the condition of the soil.

Pale Grass

This is normally due to mal-nourishment.  Your lawn needs a pick-me-up.  It is weak because all the nutrients available in the soil have been absorbed and there’s nothing left for it to feed on.  Don’t over water it; the damp conditions may cause other problems to develop too.

Yellowing Grass

This could be down to a fungal infection called Rust that manifests itself by changing the grass colour from green to yellow.  It is most common in lawns where Nitrogen is in short supply.  You can cure it with a Nitrogen-based feed or lawn treatment.

Bare Patches

Normally due to mowing the lawn too short.  Many people do this as it means they don’t have to mow their lawns as often.  Unfortunately, these scalped patches will make it vulnerable to all sorts of other problems.  Re-seed and try a miracle grow treatment.

Fed up with your lawn?

If all this sounds like too much hard work and you’re fed up with on-going lawn problems…consider artificial grass.  You’ll have a perfect lawn all year round with none of the hassle.  You’ll finally be free to concentrate on the rest of the plants and flowers that make your garden beautiful.

See the amazing results in our grass gallery

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