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Artificial lawns for a child-friendly play area

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Family garden with artificial lawnMany families now choose to install artificial grass in their gardens, as opposed to natural grass, as it provides many advantages in terms of practicality and child safety. It is often installed in places like nurseries, infant schools, children’s hospitals and park play areas, as well as many family homes. It is favoured over natural grass, as it is long-lasting and durable, meaning that children won’t ruin it when they are playing on it. There is no risk of it wearing away!

There are a variety of different artificial lawns to choose from, some of which vary in length. The taller your grass is, the softer it will feel. This is great for children’s play areas, as it ensures a softer landing, if they fall over. Unlike many other surfaces, fake grass will also help to prevent children suffering from burn marks or scrapes if they fall. Some artificial grass surfaces even have shock padding underneath, which absorbs some of the impact, cushioning a child if they fall off a swing, slide or other play equipment.

If you are looking for a surface suitable for a ball game area, you would be best opting for a shorter artificial lawn. You can also add texture to your garden, by choosing to have shapes or paths cut into it, which are often very appealing to children.

Not only is fake grass safer for children to play on, but it is also so much cleaner than natural grass. Even the heaviest downpour of rain will not cause muddy patches! No longer will you have to spend your time scrubbing muddy stains out of your children’s clothes, or mopping up dirty foot prints, artificial lawns are the perfect solution to a child-friendly play area.

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Fake grass at London 2012

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Attractive landscaping

Despite years of planning, lawns at the Olympic village were not quite up to scratch.  At the last minute, the OOC (Olympic Organising Committee) ordered fake grass to cover areas which has been ruined by weeks of heavy rain and then a long dry spell.  This included 5,000m2 for the hospitality site.  As well as relaxation areas within the main village at Stratford, the external area of the Coca Cola entertainment centre, Rowing village and the Royal Holloway University.

Terminal decor

The temporary Olympic Terminal at Heathrow was built solely for Games Family departures.  It was designed especially for use over 3 days after the closing ceremony.  1600m2 of fake grass has been used to give the terminal building a more prestigious look which has been praised by departing athletes as a great finishing touch to their London experience.

Hockey success

Nowadays, fake grass is the preferred surface at top-level hockey matches.  Water-based, fake-turf allows the ball to roll more smoothly and quickly.  Riverbank Arena, the official London 2012 venue was a synthetic surface in brilliant blue with a pink surround.  Leisure Tech Lawns are the proud installers of the Olympic Hockey pitch in Loughton Essex and a water-based surface for Lillyshall hockey pitch, pictured left and right.


BBC Studio for the games was located on a rooftop at Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.  A roof garden setting was created using fake grass which boasted magnificent views overlooking the Olympic Stadium.

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Artificial grass is the environmentally friendly solution to a perfect garden

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Artificial grass gardenMore and more people are now installing artificial grass in their gardens, as opposed to growing natural grass from seed. It bares many advantages in terms of practicality, whilst also being environmentally friendly.

There is absolutely no need to water this type of grass, which is beneficial at times when hose pipe bans have been enforced. The fact that you don’t need to get the lawn mower out and cut it, also means that you will save on electricity.

Often people like to use products such as pesticides and weed killer on their lawns, in order to keep them in a good condition, however they can be extremely harmful to the environment. Installing fake grass in your garden will ensure that it looks fantastic all year round, without the need to use such harmful chemicals.

Whilst reducing your carbon footprint, you will also find that fake grass saves you a lot of time and effort. Cutting the grass is a task that many people dread doing, as it can take hours out of your day, which could be spent doing something fun with the family.  Choosing the artificial alternative will mean that you never have to spend time maintaining it.

If you have pets it is also particularly useful, as any mess can be easily washed away, without causing any damage to your lawn. Artificial grass is preferred by many holiday home owners, who simply don’t have the time to look after their lawns, especially if they are not always on site.

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Reasons why artificial grass is perfect for sports grounds

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Many sports grounds are made from artificial grass, rather than the natural product, as it bares many advantages in terms of both practicality and usability.

It can be frustrating when you have been looking forward to a match or training session, only to find that it is called off due to poor weather. Natural grass often suffers in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy down pours of rain or extended periods of drought. Choosing to install an artificial alternative will ensure that your sports games never have to be called off. It is well drained, meaning that there will be no puddles or muddy patches and it will remain in excellent condition, as the sun will not dry it out.

Sports such as football, cricket and tennis require markings to be drawn out, in order to determine different parts of a pitch or court. Artificial grass is much easier to mark, providing clear lines that dry quickly and last for much longer. Unlike natural grass, fake grass provides a bouncy ground, which is perfect for sports like tennis and cricket.

Installing this type of grass is both maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. There is no need to cut it, water it, or use any harmful pesticides, in order to keep it healthy. It will last for much longer than natural grass, which often wears poorly after just a few uses. Whilst aiding you in doing your bit for the environment, it will also save you both time and money in the long run.

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