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Our latest artificial grass installation

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Our most recent project was at this beautiful, detached Georgian home.  The owners wanted a family friendly, low maintenance lawn.  As you can see, the children’s play equipment has been gathered on the patio, ready for us to start work.






We were hired to install artificial grass in a large courtyard area at the rear of the house.  This was an un-landscaped space that had been gravelled at some point.  Our first task was to clear and level it.






Here you’ll see us constructing a base made up of crushed hard core for good drainage and silica sand to achieve a perfectly level surface.  This is compacted using a wacker plate and a geotextile membrane is laid on top to stop any weeds.






All finished!  See how natural the synthetic grass looks, can you tell the difference?  The lush green lawn enhances the appearance of the property and makes a more functional space for the owners to enjoy.






This courtyard can now an extension of the family home, thanks to the soft, cleanable grass surface.  The owners are sure to get much more use out of this once redundant area.







As well as more use, they’ll get much less hassle.  The children will be able to play outside safely, without getting nasty scrapes and scratches from the gravelly floor.  Plus, no more muddy footprints will appear on the freshly mopped kitchen floor.






See how neatly the grass has been cut around the grates and drain pipes, it would have been extremely difficult to achieve a look this manicured with natural turf.

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Who uses artificial grass?

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


If you have young children, you’ll know that outdoor play can ruin natural lawns.  Artificial grass is a solution to patches underneath the swing-set, wear around the trampoline and mud under the goal posts.

Pet Owners

You may be tired of the devastating effect that your pets are having on your lawn.  Synthetic grass is soft, bouncy and safe for pets, plus any mess can be hygienically washed away.  No more dog runs, muddy footprints, brown spots or staining.

Those with Mobility Problems

Fake grass is convenient for those who aren’t physically able to tend to their lawn.  Many elderly people find mowing extremely tiresome and difficult.  Getting rid of natural grass means they can have a beautiful garden to relax in without any of the maintenance issues.

Second Home Owners

If you’re not onsite to mow and tend to the lawn at your second-home, your holidays may be spent gardening rather than relaxing.  You can solve this problem by installing an artificial lawn, and arrive to immaculate, lush green grass every time.

Business Travellers

If you have to travel regularly for work purposes, your lawn will get neglected.  A fake lawn is the perfect solution as it means you don’t need to worry about being away for long periods.  Nor do you have to set up complex timed sprinkler systems for watering.

The Environmentally Responsible

Lawn mowers and edge-trimmers guzzle electricity and 1 hour with a petrol lawnmower is the equivalent of a 100 mile car trip.  Reduce you carbon footprint by switching to artificial grass.  You can save water too – around 70% of household water consumption in the summer months is used on gardens.

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Choose Artificial Grass for your Contemporary Garden in Essex

Friday, July 13th, 2012

We’ve installed artificial grass at hundreds of properties in Essex and London.  One of the most popular garden landscaping trends we encounter is contemporary and minimalistic.

This look is sleek and landscaping has clean lines with bold shapes.  It is ordered and well-structured, and sometimes incorporates a theme such as modern-Oriental.  Colour schemes are normally ultra-vibrant or neutral and natural.

Usually more about hard landscaping, rModern Garden with artficial grass in Essexather than planting, gardens are made-up of decked or paved areas with raised beds.  This is fine for small courtyard gardens but impossible when you have a large surface area.

See the hard landscaping to the left of this picture, and the geometric centre-seating area on our most recent installation.

Many people want to keep their lawns but find it difficult to achieve that trendy, edgy look.  After all, you’re aiming for the opposite of an English country garden or country cottage style.

Artificial grass is the perfectly landscaping material for a modern garden.  It can be shaped to fit small, awkward and even geometric shapes for your contemporary space.  It doesn’t require mowing, so you can get really creative, without having to think about the practicalities.

There’s no need to store your mower, strimmer, pesticides and fertilisers.  After all, the last thing you need when trying to create a minimalistic space is clutter.  Plus, it will always look immaculate.  Tried, worn, uneven patches will completely ruin your sleek, fresh looking contemporary garden.

Designers actually suggest that you incorporatContemporary Artificial Grass Essex Gardene synthetic materials into this type of garden.  Non-traditional materials like plastics, stainless steel and other metals should be used to give a modern-edgy feel to the space.  Therefore, synthetic grass landscaping is ideal.

See how fantastic this artificial lawn looks, from an installation in Canfield, Essex, with bright green grass and shiny metal accessories.  You can also see how it was skilfully cut to create a wavy pathway.

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10 Great Uses for Fake Grass

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Fake Grass used at commercial eventFake grass can be used in a variety of applications.  At Leisure Tech Lawns, we’ve installed artificial surfaces for TV programs and events, on balconies, rooftops, as well as hundreds of ornamental lawns throughout Essex.

Here are 10 ways you can use fake grass;

1.  Rooftop Garden – create a rooftop garden by installing a grass surface and decorating with potted plants and trees.

2.  Balcony or terrace– if you miss the look and feel of grass in your flat or apartment, install it onto your balcony or terrace.

3.  Private putting green – create a small private putting green for golf practice, you can do this in your garden or even indoors.

4.  Indoor Gym – You can create the feel of an outdoor workout – whilst using state-of-the-art equipment indoors.

5.  Doggy Play Area – pets can have a devastating effect on your lawn, so give your dog it’s very own play area.  Fake grass is safe for pets and foul can be hygienically cleaned.

6.  Children’s Bedroom – great for a themed playroom or bedroom.  Create a jungle theme with wild animal prints for boys, or countryside, flowers and rainbows for girls.

7.  Conservatory – bring the outside in and install a grass surface in your conservatory.  You’ll have warmth and shelter from the elements, whilst feeling like you’re sat outdoors.

8.  Chicken Coop –keeping chickens at home can ruin your lawn, so give them a fake grass run – mess can simply be hosed down.

9.  Business Marketing – use at promotional events, TV commercials and photo-shoots.

10.  Commercial Décor– fake grass is fantastic for creating themed areas and window displays to show-case outdoor products such as bikes, play or camping equipment.

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