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Snooker Loopy about Fake Grass

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Our latest fake grass installation was at a home in Basildon, Essex.  To our surprise, this was actually the home of professional snooker player Stuart Bingham.  Currently ranked 16th in the world and winner of the 2010 Australian Open, Stuart doesn’t want to waste time on lawn maintenance.

Born in Essex, Ball-run (Stuart) started playing at Staceys Snooker Club and is a member of Q-Ball Sports Bar in Basildon.  He turned pro in 1996 after winning the English Amateur Championships the year before.  He is perhaps best known for his 10–7, first round defeat of Stephen Hendry at the 2000 world Championships at The Crucible.  This year, 7 time champion Hendry had a 147 break against him.

His garden has spa set in decking and a play area for the children.  This made fake grass the ideal solution for the Bingham family.  No more muddy areas created from using the spa and the kids can enjoy the lawn without damaging it.  Of course, Stuart can now concentrate on his snooker – rather than having the hassle of mowing, edging, watering and feeding the grass to keep it looking good.

Here you’ll see us working on the garden; digging up the existing turf, levelling the ground and laying a geo-textile membrane to prevent weeds.

The end result is highly realistic, perfectly manicured grass which will stay green whatever the season.  The family opted for the popular striped effect grass in a diagonal pattern – the lawn looks like it’s been mown by a professional landscaper.

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Famous Fake Grass

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Fake grass is in fashion, endorsed by many celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and David Basche.  Preferred by A-Listers for its pet and eco-friendly qualities, it’s used in many well-known locations around the World.  Here’s a few you may have heard of…

Houston Astrodome –Texas was dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World, opened in the 1960s as the World’s first indoor baseball stadium.  Enclosed natural grass withered away and they famously had to paint it green.  Next season saw the advent of astro-turf.

Coronation Street – The UK’s most famous street is not all cobbles – the Websters, the Platts and Anna Windass have fake grass lawns.  Producers now have one less thing to worry about.

Big Brother House – The contemporary BB garden is of course fake, watching the housemates’ mowing the lawn doesn’t make for great TV.

Playboy Mansion – Lawns surrounding the legendary grotto are more attractive and easier to maintain with artificial surfaces.

Disney World – and Disneyland have synthetic grass areas throughout their resorts.

Crufts – The World renowned dog show uses canine friendly fake turf on set.

Emirates Stadium – Home of Arsenal FC after their move from Highbury in July 2006.  A total of 7 Premiership clubs have fake grass pitches including Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and 2012 Champions Manchester City.

Regiment Way Roundabout – Warner’s Farm on the A130 Chelmsford.  Ok – you’ll only know of this one if you live in Essex.  The island enjoyed localised fame when it was transformed with a new artificial surface, installed by Leisure Tech.

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The Things we do for Artificial Grass!

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We arrived early at Repton Park, Woodford Green in Greater London to install a residential artificial grass lawn in a very exclusive gated complex.  We quickly realised that there was no access from the side or back of the house.  Then our client explained that he’d rather we didn’t come through the house either which posed a bit of a dilemma.

Did We…….?

a) politely explain to our client that we wouldn’t be able to install the lawn because there was no access available

b) get ladders and climb over the 8ft wall at the back of the property, along with all our equipment

As you can see from the pictures, the answer is b) – we scaled the rear wall, with no fuss and no extra expense to our client.

Here you’ll see us in action, digging up the existing turf, levelling the ground, infilling with sand and laying a geo textile membrane to prevent weeds.   There is a lot of work involved in an artificial grass install!  All that preparatory work must be done before we even think of laying the new lawn.

The key to long lasting, hard wearing, attractive artificial grass is in the preparation and the materials used. Get this right and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have any issues with your new lawn.  If the ground isn’t level the grass is extremely difficult to position and fit.  Without a sand infill, the grass can move around, it therefore gets weaker and is more likely to tare.  The right type of sand must be used; so you don’t get any problems with drainage and undergrowth.

This is why we don’t recommend DIY installs, there is a lot more to it than you may think.  Plus by the time you’ve bought the equipment and materials, the cost difference isn’t much different.


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